Sated? Is it a Myth?

Sated – Satisfied – is possible!

Like after writing a post, you want to write more, more and more, similarly in life you will never be fully satisfied, one fulfilled desire or dream always leads to a new dream, a new desire. This is why the human race is still continued.

I now believe that satisfaction in life is about enjoying those moments of happiness in your life to the fullest. Material things will not make you fully satisfy.

Whenever you sit back and relax and retrospect your life, what is that thing which brings a smile to your face? For me it is always the time when I was myself, enjoying and having fun.

I miss my Goa and Landour trip with a bunch of crazy friends. I really miss those cute moments of my life during those journeys and wish I could relive those moments.

I am going to make sure that whenever I am spending time with my family, friends, loved ones, I will cherish those moments and not think about other things.

Let’s live each moment to the fullest to create Sated memories 🙂


What if your friends to officiate your Marriage!

There is one famous quote that says ‘You are born with your relatives, but you can definitely choose your Friends.”

I am not only enjoying watching The Big Bang Theory seasons, but also learning a lot from it. The last episode of season 5 was again an eye opener where they show Howard and Bernadette’s wedding. The similar concept that the TV show ‘Friends’ had shown where Joey officiates the wedding of Monica and Chandler.

After Howard and Bernadette take their vows, five of their best friends complete the ceremony stating below line.
“By the power vested in us by the state of California, we now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Don’t you agree that it would be great if your best friends have the power to pronounce you husband and wife on your wedding day? Especially when it’s a love marriage and your friends know your journey and how it all happened. Just wearing the hat of ‘Mind the Gap’ for this awesome idea which can be so inspiring. I don’t think so that this can ever happen in Hindu marriages, but I am really inspired and would love to attend such weddings.

This idea can Elicit an end to Chaotic wedding procedures we follow in India.

Sharing the YouTube link of Howard and Bernadette’s wedding

Have you ever liked your own post?

This may show a little self-obsession, but I need your opinions/thoughts for this question. Can I like my own post?

Sometimes we do write an awesome post that other bloggers appreciate. And when you see the count of likes going high, don’t you feel proud and happy. I believe that many times in life self-motivation saves you from falling apart. Appreciating your own work is not bad.

Has the idea of liking your own post ever crossed your mind? Have you already done it? If no, what stopped you from doing it? If yes, what motivated you to do so?

Awaiting your response!

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Magic Time with Michelin Starred Vikas Khanna


I love Vikas Khanna. Yes, I love him! I admire him! I adore him! He is my Magic. He is my inspiration.

His story has already inspired millions. He has gone through life with dedication and perseverance. He didn’t let his passion of cooking die with all the struggle he faced during his journey. He has taken the Indian cuisine to an international scale.

I had the opportunity to meet him during Times Literary Carnival on December 2014. After his interview in the Times Literature Carnival I jumped from my seat to grab the mic to ask him a question. I was alert all the time during his interview to grab this opportunity. He asked me to come up on the stage to sing a song along with him. And we did sing a song and danced together. That day is one of the happiest days of my life.

His innocence, humble and down to earth personality teaches us not to forget the true essence of human life, that to help each other and spread love.

Love You Vikas Khanna :-*

Grow Through Life No Matter What


This one corner of my balcony is teaching me so many lessons of life.

My mom bought this plant and it is kept in our balcony. Within few days it started growing. My mom tied it with a rope and dangled it on top so that it can grow without any obstacles.

If you see in the picture, the rapid growth of this plant stopped as it reached the floor. But even with this obstacle and Tiny space this plant is making all the efforts to grow.

I was not paying attention to this plant, but when my mom told me the situation something struck my mind.

Our rapid growth in our life is also possible if we set ourselves free from negativity, small issues, and unnecessary fights. And when you can’t avoid or change little negativity in life make sure you don’t let that stop you to do what you want to do in life.

Let our life blossoms like the Aromatic plants around us.

Getting Married At 30

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I am writing a humorous speech for my next project at Toastmaster. The speech is about how much people are excited when you get married at the age of 30, near or above. The speech definitely considers Indian cultural as I am an Indian.

Sharing a small synopsis below! Share your thoughts on “Do you think getting married at 30 is late?”

How many of you got married at the age of 30, near 30 or above. If you get married at the age of 30 or after 30, the only person who is excited, super excited about the marriage is YOU yourself.

And if it’s a love marriage, like you are the one who selected your life partner, then definitely you are the only one who is excited about it.

Even your friends are not that interested at all; obvious reason is that even they are around 30 now.

Half of my friends are married; few are into SERIOUS family planning. Few who are yet to get married are consulting Family Gurus, Pandits to find out what is wrong with their lives.

My elder sister got married at the age of 25. That was 2010 and my parents, family members, relatives, villagers, neighbours, everyone was so excited. My parents had called up each and every relative to personally invite them. My dad spoke so proudly on phone – my dad inviting his brother-in-law, (Loud voice) hello, Yes yes Priti’s marriage has been fixed. Yes yes I found the guy. Yes yes He is an Engineer. Yes yes marriage won’t happen without you. Yes yes YOU HAVE TO COME. NO no no no nooooo marriage will not happen without you means won’t happen without you. Yes yes the moment the cards get printed we will send it you. Yes yes good night bye.

Now I am about to get married and it’s after 6 years of sister’s marriage. Even all my relatives are old now. I myself told my dad, dad call your brother-in-law.

My dad is like why, why should I call him.

Dad, it’s my wedding. Invite them.

Oh, for that! Do we need to tell them? Who will come from that far?

Dad, call him, it’s my wedding.

My dad over the call, (Low tone) “yes yes Kriti is finally getting married. Yes yes she only arranged the guy. Yes yes the guy is kind of an engineer. Yes, yes, yes, yes, whatttttt, you are suffering from Migraine, you can’t come. Yes yes no problem, even I have got only 3 days leaves. You take care of yourself. Yes yes good night bye.

Need to complete the speech ASAP!

Second Thought for Second Thoughts!

I was wondering what to write for the prompt ‘Second Thoughts’ since the time it got published. Before I could write anything about it, last night our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that all 500- and 1000- rupee notes are to be scrapped from midnight itself. We cannot deny the fact that each Indian has been affected by this news.

I am actually wondering whether the Modi Government considered any second thought on this big change or not!

After India it was time for the world to get shocked with the news of Donald Trump winning the elections. Everyone is bursting out their reactions on social media. Can we have a second thought on this that Donald Trump winning the elections can be a good thing? God knows what will happen. I don’t understand politics that much!

Well, I am watching the news to be updated.
And I am still having second thought for the prompt ‘Second Thoughts’!