My First Stand-Up Comedy in Copenhagen

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It was an awesome experience performing at open stage hosted by Copenhagen Theatre Circle.

My topic was Cultural Shock – What happens when you move to a different country.
Here is the YouTube link. Do share your thoughts!


Relished the Salsa Sauce in a Hilarious Way


As mentioned earlier, I again searched on Google for the correct definition of the word Relish. One example by Google reminded me of my Improv show that we did as Level 3 students.

Just to give a brief about Improv (Improvisation), it is a form of theatre in which no script is used. You get a suggestion from the audience and start to act out the scene. One definitely needs to learn the rules of Improv. Improv has greatly improved my life and I can’t imagine my life without Improv.

I feel grateful to have been introduced to Improv and was taught by renowned Adam Dow. (Founder of ICM, India’s first Improv troupe comedy)

So during the show, I and one partner (a guy) was up on stage and our host Adam asked the suggestions from the audience. Two audience members individually shouted Salsa and Cooking. My scene partner and I heard them clearly. Whenever there are like two or three suggestions from the audience, the host selects one from them and tells the performers to start the scene.

In this case Adam gave the suggestion to us as Cooking Salsa.

To tell you the truth friends, I didn’t know or maybe couldn’t think about the Salsa sauce at that time. The scene could have definitely gone as cooking the salsa sauce. But what we did was a total different version of cooking salsa.

I started the scene by cooking and dancing Salsa dance form and said to my partner, whom I made my husband in the scene, what’s up darling, do you want an omelet at breakfast.

My partner supported me completely and didn’t deny what I started the scene with. The first rule of improv is to Agree. 🙂

We added a lot of new flavors to this new way of relishing salsa sauce. Everybody in the audience enjoyed our version of cooking salsa sauce. Adam also appreciated my work in the end. That’s all you need from your Guru. 🙂

I learnt a great lesson that day that it’s OK to not know about something in life. We can always create a new version of that along our journey with an added flavor of fun.

It was a Relishing moment of fun, happiness and laughter.

Above is the pic from the scene!
Keep Improvising!

Comedians can’t be a Copycat

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I love participating in stand-up comedy especially Ladies special where all comedians are women (I found out today that the word for women comedians is Comedienne).

31st Oct 2016 was the day I again went on stage to perform in a ladies special stand-up comedy in Bandra, Mumbai.

It was a thrilling experience this time too. I must say that it’s great to see women coming on stage and speaking and not bothering about what others will think. India definitely needs more such platforms.

I spoke on how I am feeling cultural shock in my own country India after coming back from Copenhagen and as it was the day just after Diwali I also tried categorizing different types of firecrackers (called Patakhas in Hindi) with different characteristic of women. Hahahha! Few jokes worked and few went flat. I am enjoying the process of learning and finding my own way as a comedian.

I seriously felt this time that nobody can copy someone else’s work and way of expressing humor in stand-up comedy. Every comedian has their own way to tell jokes. You need to find your own way if you want to be a comedian.

Keeping Laughing 🙂

Life in a Garbage Can

Fun time during our play The Actor’s Nightmare!

One plot of the play is a Samuel Beckett play called Checkmate (which seems to have elements of the plays Endgame, Happy Days, and Waiting for Godot). Irina who played this character did full justice to the role.

One of the my favorite lines is “Nothing to be done. Pause. Pause. Wrinkle nose. Nothing to be done.”

How would you feel if you have to live in a garbage can?

What to do when your parents argue

One should live the life following this wonderful quote – “Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.”

The best Argument is definitely between your mom and dad. Sometimes they fight for a reason and sometimes without any reasons. The dangerous situation arrives when they ask you to take their side and you are always confused whom to support.

My dad handles arguments in the best way. He just stops talking, he becomes quiet, this triggers my mom and she continues to argue.

I feel that after 5/10/20/30 years of marriage every couple becomes an arguing couple. Sometimes arguments are good for a healthy relationship but sometimes it can become very annoying, especially to the children.

So what should a child do when their parents fight? You need to be a Toastmaster to resolve the issue. Before joining Toastmaster I used get worried whenever there were arguments between my mom and dad but no more. Whenever they fight or argue with each other, I think about adding the argument to a speech for my Toastmaster projects. You need to give a lot of speeches at Toastmaster so one should not miss any opportunity.

I try to add humor to my parents’ arguments while writing a speech and it turns out that the audience enjoys these kinds of speeches. So chill out when your parents argue! Join Toastmaster 🙂

Truth & Dare – A scary game – Share your weird dare

Everyone must have played this game at least once in their life especially college life.

Rules are simple. The group sits in a circle and one spins the bottle on the ground. Whoever gets the bottle (the top side) facing becomes the target.

She or he will be then asked to choose whether they want to go ahead with truth or dare. You always take few seconds to choose between the two.

Your friends can go crazy while asking truth.

Who was your first crush in college?
Who do you like in this group?               Have you ever cheated on your partner?Are you a lesbian?                  

Few questions I can’t even write here. Hahahah!

While truth can take your nerves down, it’s always fun to go for dare. It’s a technique in college life to check how Daring you are.

Few of weird dares can be:

Kiss someone in the group but the same sex!
If you are playing this game in a pub then go and talk to a stranger and ask for their number.
Take out your shirt and dance – this should be for boys. Hahahah!
Propose someone!
If someone doesn’t drink then asking them to take a shot or may be bottoms up!

I still remember playing this game on our college farewell day. We created so many new memories on our last day.

If you have ever played this game in your crazy days share your dare.
Let’s see who beats who.

We can even give dare to each other here in WordPress to write about something weird or may be the truth.