Love cum Arranged Marriage in India – My Tiny Tale

Below is one tale for Love cum Arranged Marriage in India. Do share your feedback.

In that tense, quiet and nervous ambiance, he managed to send her a flying kiss.
She hesitantly responded back with a wink.
Love cum Arranged marriage in India has its own fun and secrets.

I am getting back to my writing habits. It’s been a busy week after I came back to Mumbai from Copenhagen. The prompt Tiny reminds me about the Terribly Tiny Tales platform which gives writers a great place to submit tiny tales like flash fiction.

I have attended one of their writing workshops and learned a lot. They also shared that they have already received loads of tales that it will take at least 2-3 months for the new ones to get published. So I thought of creating one category on my blog for my tiny tales.

Hope you relate to it if you have managed to convert your love to Arranged marriage in India.



Careful Enough – You Might Miss Out to Live a Life

Sharing my tiny tale that I had written and submitted to Terribly Tiny Tales.

They might take time to publish it or may not publish it.
But this is what I felt when I resigned from my job.

Title – Resignation
At the age of 28, I finally quit my IT job.
I will no longer have financial freedom.
I wonder which one will prove to be more successful – Financial Freedom or only Freedom.

In Response to Daily Prompt Careful.