Dream Dress for my Wedding – Share your ideas


I am waiting for those extra kilos to shed away. My love and passion of eating is not allowing me to do it.

Above is a dream dress for my wedding and I don’t have much time.
Share your tips! How did you manage to fit in your dream wedding dress? How to lose belly fats? 😦

Hope my Fortune smiles on me for this!


Don’t ever beat up your child

As I start to write this post the clock in India shows 8:30AM. I love to sit in my balcony in the morning and enjoy my cup of tea.

There is a playground outside my society which always gives me stories to write and share here. This morning too, a beautiful scene caught my attention. Yes in the beginning it looked beautiful, but something happened that made me write this post immediately.

I saw a child (9-10 years old) is trying to cycle and her mother was standing in the center of the ground. With her body language I could understand that she is encouraging her son to take big rounds of the ground. The child was trying; sometimes he was trembling, but he was not able to take big rounds. Her mom kept saying loudly and he kept trying. I could feel that as he is still a small child, it’s not possible for him to take big rounds. The ground is pretty big.

After a few rounds the child gets down from the cycle, standing a little far from his mother and I could see he held his arms behind like how children do in school. His mom starts to walk towards him. In that few seconds I thought she will pat her child for doing a great work.

But NO! She slapped him and twisted his ear and started shouting because the child didn’t take big rounds. She again asked him to cycle and pointed at the corners of ground which was her aim to her child to achieve. She just wanted her child to take big rounds. The boy started cycling again. It was evident that he was afraid to go closer to his mom. I saw her hitting the child two-three times.

Why! Why do we have to hit a child to make him do something? Why do we have to become strict parents? Why can’t you as parents behave like a child when talking to your kids?

In the above story, mom was definitely trying her child to have a good health, but is being rude with them is the only way. What if your child become healthy physically, but loses his mental strength.

What I feel that children are already a bit afraid of us as we look physically bigger to them. We can definitely try a softer approach to understand their world and their meaning of life.

Children will be naughty and will do lots of fun because they have not forgotten the real meaning of life but we have definitely as adults.

Always remember that your child is your gift. And have you ever destroyed your gift?

With my understanding of the law of attraction, I have understood that it’s not that you gave birth to a child and he/she becomes your property. You didn’t choose them; they chose you as their parents. They decided to come into physical being and chose you.

Your child is your best teacher of life. You are lucky to become parents. Respect this gift of God. And don’t ever beat up your kids.

Hope we understand this!

O Husna…..A Song that can Reunite India-Pakistan

There are few songs that one can listen for hours and hours. One of my recent favorites on that list is ‘O Husna’ by MTV Coke Studio that is written and composed by Piyush Mishra. I heard this song when I was in Copenhagen last to last month.

I researched about the song and found out that this song is a letter from Javed who was separated from his lover Husna during the partition (India-Pakistan). The song touches upon the pain of separation from true love and also from one’s country.

Piyush Mishra and team have done a great work. The Song connects with me not only because I am an Indian and aware about the tension between the two countries, but also because the song creates that era of partition and wars. It reaches my soul every time I listen to it. Sometimes the song is my reason I could sleep at night.

The last line of song tells a truth that nobody can deny, “Aur rota hai raaton mein Pakistan kya vaise hi jaise Hindustan O Husna”. This line is asking the question that does Pakistan cries at night like India.

I don’t much understand music and various musical instruments, but when I listen to this song I just feel that all instruments are perfectly used in the song.

The song is 100% perfect. Just Perfect and Pure!

YouTube Links for the song!

Trip to Paris – The Giant Eiffel Tower

In response to prompt Giant.

All I could think of about the prompt ‘Giant’ is my trip to Paris and admiring the masterpiece, the one and only The Eiffel tower. A must trip to have at least once in your life.

This was my expression when I saw it the evening with the lights on.





Love Knows No Bridge

I thought a lot about today’s prompt. What to write for the word Bridge! The first thought was definitely ‘Bridge the Gap’ which even Google displays as first option if you start writing Bridge.

I have always wondered that we proudly say we are Indians, we have so many different cultures here but when it comes to accept people from different cultures, we fail. I am referring to love marriages in India. People are still not open and welcoming when it comes to inter-caste marriages here.

Whenever I get to meet people who have gone for love marriage against all the odds I feel true respect for them. One should definitely fall in love once in their life. There is a famous saying that Love knows no boundaries. We can also say that Love knows no bridge that virtual bridge that exists between two states, two cultures, and two communities.

So what are you waiting for? Go, cross that Bridge and fall in Love!

Sight From My Balcony – Why are Girls not Playing?

In response to Flâneur

The sight from my balcony tells a thousand stories!
But there is one special I want to share as a Woman!
Every evening I see boys from near locality coming together to play.
They mainly play cricket, in rains they play football.
What a happy and tension free life they have.

But wondering at the same time where all girls are!
What are they doing while their brothers are playing?
I know my heart knows the answers!
They are at home preparing food, washing clothes, helping their mothers!
They might not get time to study or to watch television!

Why in my country women are not given the same power as men?
Why women are not allowed to play like their brothers are playing?
Why women are not free to take their own decisions?
The sight from my balcony tells a thousand stories!
But there is one special I want to share as a Woman!