October begins with Greatness

Yahhh! Couldn’t write blogs for the last few days and you will like the reasons. Went to Iceland with my husband and two friends.

Will definitely write the blog regarding my Iceland trip. All I can say for now is that Iceland is grrrrrrrrrrrrrreattttttttttttt.

Now October begins with a bang. My 2nd year of Commedia School started today. And we begin with Melodrama.

There is a lot to learn! An artist journey is full of surprises, good surprises.

As taught today, consider a triangle which represents the melodrama scene – There is a bad guy, a victim, and a hero! And at times we have someone from outside supporting the scene.

Now I am excited to find out which role I can play the best! 😉 Maybe the bad guy or the victim or the hero!  You never know!


Last Few Days of Summer in Copenhagen

Last few days of summer in Copenhagen feel like heaven!

Walking in garden feels like the long, tall trees are talking to you, when you look at them with love, they are saying to you – your life is in Now! So live this moment and forget about past and future.

And I did that today! I was dancing as if nobody was watching me in the garden to my favorite Bollywood songs. It felt awesome.

A lot on my creative plate! – Writing a story for a play, speech writing for my Toastmaster humorous speech contest, script for hosting Copenhagen Storytelling OpenStage and ya personal stuff 🙂

Whats keeping you busy(happily) these days!

Crazy-Lazy Bone

OK so the last post I wrote was when I was turning 30!
Now guess what! I turned 31 😛

And now I am wondering! Am I a Crazy bone or a Lazy bone?
It’s time to get back to blogging. Well I never stopped thinking about it. 🙂

Last Friday I finallyyyyyyyy saw the greatest movie of all time – Julie and Julia!

One lesson that I take from the movie is definitely to have a Goal in life and be dedicated to it no matter what happens!

My favorite quotes from the movie – I’m Julia Child. Bon appetit! And ‘What is it that you really like to do? Me – Eat!

Back to Comedy! Back to Writing! Back to Public Speaking!

19 Days to 30th Birthday – The World Needs More People Like Ellen DeGeneres

Do you need some inspiration in life? Watch Ellen DeGeneres’s show every day, watch her stand-up comedy videos.

Her oozing personality will make your life simpler and happier.

I got to know about her this year only and now I am in total awe of her. Her service to humanity is speechless.

I love her motto of life – Be Kind to One Another.

Whenever I feel a little low I watch her episodes on YouTube and there I am, full of life again.

I got shocked when I found out that she is 59 years old and next year she will complete 60. O My God, look at her enthusiasm and fun attitude toward life.

She has sparked within me the energy to live my next 30 years with love and fun in my heart. We get serious turning 30 but look at Ellen, she looks younger day by day.

I love her! I love her! I love her!
Keep Inspiring us Ellen!

21 Days to 30th Birthday – Danish Drink Snaps

On Friday we hosted a pre wedding party for one of our volunteers in our Cafe.

For the first time I tried Snaps. Snaps is a famous Danish drink, a very strong alcoholic beverage taken during the course of a meal.

I love the soothing feeling after two-three shots, but that day it became 5-6 shots.

I took the wedding hat from #bridetobe and put it on me.

I never believed drinking is bad as long as you are in control and it doesn’t become your daily habit. It makes you feel young.



22 Days to 30th Birthday – A Poem on My Belly Fat

I love to write poems and Recite them. But never have I ever thought of writing a poem on my belly fat. Doing stand-up makes you do things differently.

Recently I delivered my entertaining speech at Toastmasters, titled The Biggest Tragedy of my life and nobody imagined my biggest tragedy would be having a belly fat.

It’s been almost 3 years I have gained some weight around my belly. The idea of speech came with the thought that you start developing a relationship when you are with someone for 3 years, so I also developed this behavior of talking to my belly fat but in a poetic way.

Here is my poem. Hope you will enjoy it 😉

Oh my dear belly fat, how are you?
Yes, you. How are you?
Don’t be shy. You know me
You are growing because of me
You are using my place to live
I give you food and hope to grow 

Oh my dear belly fat I don’t like you
Yes, you heard me right
You are fat and tight
You are exactly like my ex
Always a trouble during sex

You are the reason I can’t wear my favorite sexy dress!
You are THE reason I don’t buy any sexy dress!
You are the reason why I don’t look at myself in full length mirror!
You are THE reason I broke my full length mirror! 

I don’t eat much!
Eating 7 times a day is not much!
You know what I am writing about you
Talking about you in public!
Making fun of you,
So that you feel embarrassed and go away!

We can also do it in an easy way
We can become friends
We can fall in love
And Then I will ditch you
I will stop talking to you
So that you feel embarrassed and go away!

I don’t want to have belly fat in my 30s 😛 😉 Share your ideas to get rid of belly fat!

25 Days to 30th Birthday – Enjoy the Ride

I will start by saying I Love You Abraham Hicks.
Things in my life have changed so wonderfully with Abraham Hicks’ teachings.

To live a life following The Law of Attraction is awesome.

In one of her videos Abraham Hicks says these wonderful lines about what you said when you decided to come to your physical experience.

“Not one of you said I will go, it’s all figure it out for me and I will just go be what has already figured it out. That’s not fun. You said, I am the creator, I will shift and sort. I will decide what I want and I will allow myself to receive it and I will revel in the focal point of abundance that is focused and showering down around me at all time. The humor and the clarity and the fun, ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! You are so in the right place at the right time. You came into this time space reality for the acceleration of Creation.”

At times it’s better not to have a smooth ride in life. I believe that’s why we sometimes go and enjoy ourselves in the roller coaster.

Let’s life surprise you. Don’t always desire to have everything sorted out for you. That’s really not the fun of life. Turning 30 is exactly giving me this feeling. I am open to new opportunities that life will showcase me. 🙂

I will end by saying I Love You Abraham Hicks.

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