Love Knows No Bridge

I thought a lot about today’s prompt. What to write for the word Bridge! The first thought was definitely ‘Bridge the Gap’ which even Google displays as first option if you start writing Bridge.

I have always wondered that we proudly say we are Indians, we have so many different cultures here but when it comes to accept people from different cultures, we fail. I am referring to love marriages in India. People are still not open and welcoming when it comes to inter-caste marriages here.

Whenever I get to meet people who have gone for love marriage against all the odds I feel true respect for them. One should definitely fall in love once in their life. There is a famous saying that Love knows no boundaries. We can also say that Love knows no bridge that virtual bridge that exists between two states, two cultures, and two communities.

So what are you waiting for? Go, cross that Bridge and fall in Love!


Festive Seasons – Decoration Time


Diwali (Deepavali) is a festival of lights, happiness and sweetness. People celebrating Diwali start cleaning their houses a week before the festival. It is believed in Hinduism that when you keep your house clean the goddess of prosperity, wealth and fortune lord Lakshmi enhances your life. You have a life of abundance and success.

My mom is busy shopping various things required for Diwali and we are arranging and rearranging stuffs in our house. We have already Rearranged the position of our sofa and dining table and a lot of things are still pending. We are cleaning our rooms. I just love throwing old stuffs which are not required anymore. A way to new things in life is to throw old stuffs.

The best thing about celebrating various festivals in India is that there is always something good you do to yourself and to people around you.

We have not been using crackers since last 2-3 years in Diwali to avoid pollution. This Diwali also we will not burst any crackers. Diwali is also a festival of the awareness of the inner light. Let that light within you Shine.

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali. Enjoy the festival of lights, happiness and prosperity.

Sight From My Balcony – Why are Girls not Playing?

In response to Flâneur

The sight from my balcony tells a thousand stories!
But there is one special I want to share as a Woman!
Every evening I see boys from near locality coming together to play.
They mainly play cricket, in rains they play football.
What a happy and tension free life they have.

But wondering at the same time where all girls are!
What are they doing while their brothers are playing?
I know my heart knows the answers!
They are at home preparing food, washing clothes, helping their mothers!
They might not get time to study or to watch television!

Why in my country women are not given the same power as men?
Why women are not allowed to play like their brothers are playing?
Why women are not free to take their own decisions?
The sight from my balcony tells a thousand stories!
But there is one special I want to share as a Woman!

Are we learning anything from Indian TV Shows?

Just putting my thoughts here that are we learning anything from Indian TV shows?

For around 25 years of my life I have watched Indian TV shows. Luckily I got to know about various other TV shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, Prison Break and many more and I still need to watch a lot of great TV shows.

I am not denying the fact that there were/are good Indian TV shows but majority of them don’t make any sense. The same saas-bahu fight (Fight between Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law), family tension, society concerns are shown in all daily soaps.

How will India change if we keep showing these kinds of non-sense?

India is a country where major population of women is housewives and when they see these daily soaps their minds can’t think about new ideas. They are still stuck in old believes.

I have learned so much from the American television sitcom FRIENDS. You can actually watch FRIENDS seasons again and again. I seriously feel that few Indian TV shows should be Banned.

Indian television needs TV shows that can show love for dreams, passion and not hatred for loved ones. If we want India to change for better we have to make better TV shows.

An Indian in Danish Parliament – True feeling of a Local

This year Copenhagen celebrated the Cultural Night on 14th October. Cultural night opens the doors of various museums, libraries, educational institutions, theaters, churches and the main important of all the Danish Parliament.

I felt wonderful to be there in Copenhagen to witness the cultural night. We tried covering a lot of spots and started our journey with the Danish Parliament.

I must say that I felt like a Local in Copenhagen who can easily get access to the Parliament. I don’t think so that I will ever get a chance to go to the Parliament here in India.

It was a thrilling experience to be inside the Danish Parliament. Sharing the pictures below.

First Time Smoking – Non Nicotine Cig

For the first time in my life I Smoked that to be a non nicotine cigarette. One of the characters in our play in Copenhagen had to smoke but as she doesn’t smoke in real life our director ordered non nicotine cigarettes for her.

I also tried it but couldn’t enjoy it. Look at my condition after one puff.