Love Knows No Bridge

I thought a lot about today’s prompt. What to write for the word Bridge! The first thought was definitely ‘Bridge the Gap’ which even Google displays as first option if you start writing Bridge.

I have always wondered that we proudly say we are Indians, we have so many different cultures here but when it comes to accept people from different cultures, we fail. I am referring to love marriages in India. People are still not open and welcoming when it comes to inter-caste marriages here.

Whenever I get to meet people who have gone for love marriage against all the odds I feel true respect for them. One should definitely fall in love once in their life. There is a famous saying that Love knows no boundaries. We can also say that Love knows no bridge that virtual bridge that exists between two states, two cultures, and two communities.

So what are you waiting for? Go, cross that Bridge and fall in Love!


Author: passiondesignerblog

below quotes describe me the best way "The goal is to die with memories and not dreams." "Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win."

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