Mistake = M @ Stake = Learning should not be called a Mistake

The word Mistake definitely triggers everyone. The moment we see or hear this word, we immediately take a tour to our lives. Then we start counting endless mistakes we made along the journey.

When we make a mistake, we regret it later. Can you live a life in a way that when you look back on your journey, you don’t regret anything? I believe it’s possible. I have stopped blaming myself for the decisions I took in the past.

If something or someone had made you smile and then it didn’t work out, don’t call it a mistake. Just move on. Life is full of surprises.

The only mistake I feel I do all the time is that I allow others to be responsible for my happiness. My happiness is my responsibility. Others should not be able to mess with it. 

Mistake = M @ Stake = Learning should not be called a Mistake.


Stargazing With Ghosts

It was November 2014, when 15 crazy bunch of friends went to Landour, about 35 km from the city of Dehradun in India. The weather in Landour and our moods were in sync, chilled. We had our friend’s place to stay. We hired a bus to go to Landour from Dehradun airport. I had taken the medicine to avoid my motion sickness which led me to sleep.

Landour is famous for its serene beauty, awesome weather and super cool local markets. You actually see several of colors during sunset. And Landour situated at an altitude of 7,500 feet above the sea level you get a spectacular views of the snow clad Great Himalayas.

Above all crazy things we did in Landour, one thing which is worth a life was stargazing with Ghosts. Yes, you heard it right. Every night after dinner the entire gang used to go for a long walk. One night boys decided to take the wrong path. Who walks by the cemetery at 11:30 pm? Yes we decided to take the side path of a famous cemetery in Landour which was not very far from our place. So it was a wrong path and a wrong decision.

I tried stopping them but nobody listened to me. I didn’t have the guts to go back to our apartment so I had to join them. The memory is still clear in my mind. I was tightly holding Rinku’s and Aarti’s hands. Few started making weird noises to make the moment scarier. They were all excited to welcome any ghost at that moment.

One dear friend tried to calm me and he said “Kriti, ghost is nothing but the fear created by our society.” His words did calm me. I started enjoying the beautiful moment with my gang. We all sat down by the cemetery and when we looked up, the sky looked stunning.

Trillions of stars glancing at us and we gazing at them back. We lied down there itself to soak in the memory of stargazing. They say that stargazing is something which you either do with your love or with your best friends. It was a perfect moment. Everyone forgot that there is a cemetery right behind us. And may be some ghosts are enjoying the moment with us too.

Replace Confused with Clarity

via Confused

Ah! I remember being confused always in my life! Whether to go for science or not, leave engineering or not, or what if I propose him and he says no. We are always asking other people for opinion. I wonder what makes us confuse. Is it the fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of hatred?

When I realized that what matters the most in my life is how I feel, I decided to replace confusion with clarity. Take a step, may be a smaller one but take a step to change things you don’t like. Don’t ask so many people for their opinions; listen to your own heart.

When we replace confused with clarity, our lives have a lot variety.

Last Friday of the Month – 29th July

I sat at gate 75 at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India. It was 29th July, a Friday and the clock showed 3:30 AM. The best thing about a Friday, being the last working day of the month is that you get your salary. In my 6.8 years of IT industry, the last working day of the month has always been the happiest day. This is the day that makes you realize that you should continue working, a day that makes you lazy to follow your dreams.

Well, I started writing my thoughts for 29th July at the Airport. I still had 2 hours before I fly 🙂

“Today is the day when everyone in my office will get salary except ME. Yes, there will not be any text message from the bank stating that your account has been credited. I decided to take my name off the list, the list in which people are sometimes happy for only one day, the salary day. I finally finally finally quit my 6.8 years of IT job. You know friends, I don’t regret my IT life, in fact I know today I am what I am all because I did Engineering.

Now that I am not going to get the salary, am I sad? Is there any plan? Any plan? What to do next? Is there anything special happening in my life?”

Yes, something very special was happening. I was at the Airport and that to be at the International Airport. I was flying to the happiest place in the world, Copenhagen, Denmark 🙂

A lot has changed in last 2 years, Toastmaster, Improv Comedy, Acting, Writing, Abraham Hicks and the most important, falling in love :-* O God, I have got a lot to share with the world.

So finally my 29th July, the Friday ended with an awesome journey. 🙂


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hey All,

It feels awesome to finally get started with my own blog. A lot to share, a lot to write, a lot to read and a life to explore. I searched on Google what is the difference between dreams and passion. I found out that Dream is something you want to be and Passion is something you love doing. Then in my case I have a dream to always follow my passion.

This is Kriti from Mumbai. I love giving speeches at Toastmaster meetings, doing stand up comedy and writing.