Last Few Days of Summer in Copenhagen

Last few days of summer in Copenhagen feel like heaven!

Walking in garden feels like the long, tall trees are talking to you, when you look at them with love, they are saying to you – your life is in Now! So live this moment and forget about past and future.

And I did that today! I was dancing as if nobody was watching me in the garden to my favorite Bollywood songs. It felt awesome.

A lot on my creative plate! – Writing a story for a play, speech writing for my Toastmaster humorous speech contest, script for hosting Copenhagen Storytelling OpenStage and ya personal stuff 🙂

Whats keeping you busy(happily) these days!


Crazy-Lazy Bone

OK so the last post I wrote was when I was turning 30!
Now guess what! I turned 31 😛

And now I am wondering! Am I a Crazy bone or a Lazy bone?
It’s time to get back to blogging. Well I never stopped thinking about it. 🙂

Last Friday I finallyyyyyyyy saw the greatest movie of all time – Julie and Julia!

One lesson that I take from the movie is definitely to have a Goal in life and be dedicated to it no matter what happens!

My favorite quotes from the movie – I’m Julia Child. Bon appetit! And ‘What is it that you really like to do? Me – Eat!

Back to Comedy! Back to Writing! Back to Public Speaking!