I Can Now Call Myself An Actor

I actually used Google translator to translate the word Facade to Hindi to understand the meaning of it. Now I know the meaning and I will go by the definition that says wearing a mask and pretending to be someone else that you are not. Say for example – If you’re mad but acting happy, you’re putting up a facade.

This definition reminds me of my acting classes in Mumbai.

I feel lucky to learn the basics of Acting from Dalip Sondhi in Mumbai. Learning Acting is a process which takes time and the time span can vary from time to time. I would say for myself that I now understand what Acting is and I am in the process to put into practice.

So Kriti tell me what is Acting? – Dalip asked in one class.

I started giving answers like it’s about playing different characters, play the scene which generally don’t happen in real life and etc.

Dalip said – When we use the word acting in real life, like someone is acting, we mean he/she is not real, they are fake people. This means acting is about being a fake. No, acting is about being real because we like real people. Everyone in this world is acting Kriti. Don’t fake it. Be real.

My learning from Dalip helped me here in Copenhagen. Yes, it’s Show time. I have completed two months in Copenhagen today, 29th September. Life has been great.One of my dreams has come true of being an actor.

Copenhagen Theatre Circle presents Topsy-Turvy Tales featuring two one act comedies, The Actor’s Nightmare and Wonderland. I am playing the character of a stage manager, Meg. The show is starting tomorrow which will run every day (except 3rd October) till 8th October.

If you are in Copenhagen come and join us. We guarantee fun and laughter. You can buy your tickets here.

I have a lot to share about my journey so far and few acting tips from my end in next post.

Wish me luck for my show.