18 Days to 30th Birthday – My First Tedx Event – All is Well

Attending a Ted or Tedx event has always been my dream. Today attending Tedx came to fruition when I had the opportunity to attend TedxCopenhagen.

One of the speakers, Berit Hessing narrated a heart-touching life story about Encountering uncertainty. She shared that how her husband met with an accident and was paralyzed. How things changed for her. She had to take care of four children, work, home, everything. There came a time when she wasn’t sure whose life she is living, a mother, a husband, a wife. She always saw her husband ill and was totally broken.

Then one day when she was having lunch with her family, she got a Visceral feeling to go out in the fresh air. She went out and took some deep breaths. At that moment a profound thought knocked her heart. The thought was “What if my husband is well and I am looking at him as ill”. She went inside and told her husband that now onward you are well. Things changed that day onward for her and her family. Her husband started recovering fast.

She told us how she and her husband spoke about happiness, love, wellness and never about the illness. This life event reshaped her life, for the better.

You know friends, we don’t need to go through struggles, failures, sadness to understand that life is supposed to be good.

I love Dr. Wayne Dyer quote – “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

All is Well! And if not change the way you look at things 🙂



20 Days to 30th Birthday – Movie Sully offers Life Lessons

I am always behind in watching great movies. Just yesterday when I saw the movie Sully in Netflix I watched it immediately. I knew the story, but to see Tom Hanks play the character of Chesley Sullenberger was breathtaking.

Salute to ‘Sully’ who saved 155 lives with an emergency landing of that lurched US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River. The movie made me cry. The movie offers lots of life lessons.

One small story in the movie is about a father and a son and how they get separated during the emergency landing because they were on different seats on the plane. They both thought they lost each other. But when son calls his father informing I am safe and was taken in a different lifeboat, both father and son laughed in harmony. The father then said I love you son and son also replied I love you.

This small story made me realized how often do I say I love you to people I really love and care about. Let’s not think too much before expressing our feelings.

Believe me nothing bad happens when you say I love you to someone! 😉

Life is great and Love is super great! 🙂


24 Days to 30th Birthday – Expand Your Horizon

Are you living a routine life and wondering where is the fun?
Do you work Monday to Friday and over the weekend all that you do is time pass with family and friends?

When I started working in IT industry the weekends were the mode to relax and chill out to get ready for the coming week. Monday was always boring and never welcomed. This went on for 3 years of my first job life.

I was working and earning money but was not satisfied.

I took a new role in a new company to kill the boredom but the same routine continued.

I was then introduced to Toastmasters in the year 2013. Toastmasters brought a new perspective in my life. I joined the Mumbai Toastmaster Club to hone my public speaking and leadership skills. The club meets every Sunday from 10 AM – 1 PM in Bandra, Mumbai.

As I always say Toastmaster has changed my life and now I am following my passion only because of being a Toastmaster.

I started going to my club EVERY Sunday. It was very rare for me to not go to my club. My priority changed. I chose Toastmasters over my weekend time with my family, fun time with my friends, movie time, doing nothing time, getting up late on Sunday time, EVERYTHING.

This one change unfurled my life to new learning, new opportunities and new dreams in my life. Joining Toastmasters led to joining Improv classes, doing stand-up comedy, doing theatre and then finally leaving my job to follow my passion for Acting.

During those times in Mumbai, Monday no longer bored me. It felt to me that my week already started on Sunday with an awesome meeting at Toastmasters.

Take one step to break the monotony in life. Do something in your free time especially over the weekend. One thing that interests you. Keep expanding your horizon.

Turning 30 feels awesome!

30 Days to 30th Birthday – Life is Good!

Best way to come back to writing blogs and writing daily – Turning 30!

I didn’t know about writing blogs when I turned 20 and also the fact that I was not that serious in life. Turning 30 gives you that kick.

You suddenly start questioning about everything in life! What am I doing with my life? Now that I am turning 30 where is my life going? What did I do in the last 10 years of my life? Where will I be in the next 10 years of my life? Am I following my passion in my life? And on top of all – What is this LIFE?

Well, now only 30 days are remaining in my 30th birthday 🙂 9th September! And I have got a lot of questions to ask! A lot of secrets to share! A lot of advice to give! A lot of life lessons to inspire! So I am gonna Deliver 😛 😛 😛 deliver better ideas, crazy stories and fun memories!

Today I am happy, super happy to get back to my writing blogs. Life is Good and I am super excited for my 30th birthday.