Test the Universe

Have you have ever asked the universe to resolve your issues?

Here is the link of one of my favorite videos of Abraham Hicks. Abraham says in this video that Test the universe and watch what shows up.

Universe knows what you want and where it is. Ask the universe and receive it.


I Can Now Call Myself An Actor

I actually used Google translator to translate the word Facade to Hindi to understand the meaning of it. Now I know the meaning and I will go by the definition that says wearing a mask and pretending to be someone else that you are not. Say for example – If you’re mad but acting happy, you’re putting up a facade.

This definition reminds me of my acting classes in Mumbai.

I feel lucky to learn the basics of Acting from Dalip Sondhi in Mumbai. Learning Acting is a process which takes time and the time span can vary from time to time. I would say for myself that I now understand what Acting is and I am in the process to put into practice.

So Kriti tell me what is Acting? – Dalip asked in one class.

I started giving answers like it’s about playing different characters, play the scene which generally don’t happen in real life and etc.

Dalip said – When we use the word acting in real life, like someone is acting, we mean he/she is not real, they are fake people. This means acting is about being a fake. No, acting is about being real because we like real people. Everyone in this world is acting Kriti. Don’t fake it. Be real.

My learning from Dalip helped me here in Copenhagen. Yes, it’s Show time. I have completed two months in Copenhagen today, 29th September. Life has been great.One of my dreams has come true of being an actor.

Copenhagen Theatre Circle presents Topsy-Turvy Tales featuring two one act comedies, The Actor’s Nightmare and Wonderland. I am playing the character of a stage manager, Meg. The show is starting tomorrow which will run every day (except 3rd October) till 8th October.

If you are in Copenhagen come and join us. We guarantee fun and laughter. You can buy your tickets here.

I have a lot to share about my journey so far and few acting tips from my end in next post.

Wish me luck for my show.


Changing Surname after Marriage – I Disagree

This is the first thought that came to my mind after seeing today’s prompt Disagree. Changing Surname after Marriage – I Disagree.

This concern has been in my mind for a quite a long time. These days I think about it a lot because it’s time for my marriage hahaha! This overthinking puts me in Dilemma.

On a serious note I disagree with the fact that women need to change their surname after marriage. I am not quite sure about other places but in our community people do follow this rule.

One of the weird reasons I have heard is that it proves you are married to your husband. But why do we women have to CHANGE it. We are already changing a lot of things after marriage.

I disagree to this point completely. I love my full name and I don’t want to change it.

Smile – Dimple – Red Lipstick – A True Me

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

My Outer Layers – Doorway to My True Self!

The first thought after seeing the topic Outer Layers was “Wow what an awesome topic to write about!”

The second thought made me looked into my NOT SO Extensive Wardrobe. You know I am not that Stylish.

The third thought made me pick a dress from my wardrobe and make a fake story.

The fourth thought made me shut up and Introspect.

The fifth thought finally gave me the answer and I started to gaze through my pictures.

3 things when I wear there is no doubt not be Myself.

Smile – I can never fake a smile. My smile represents that I love my life. I am happy from within. I am blessed. I also remind myself time to time to smile whenever I meet someone. A smile is the strongest bridge between two persons.

Dimple – My dad calls me 3D. It’s D D D – Double Dimple Daughter. Yes, I get two dimples on my left cheek. One comes easily whenever I smile and for the other one I need to laugh like a mad and I love that. My dimples represent my Prosperity in life – My family, my love, and my true friends. So I always always always make sure to express my prosperity.

Red Lipstick – O My God, I simply love my red lipstick. I can go without any makeup except my red lipstick. Red is our family’s favorite color. Our first car that my dad bought is Red in color, my mom has about 10 red saree, and we have 3 red rose plants at our home. My red lipstick represents my Passion. It gives me power to be always enthusiastic about life, to be crazy and follow my heart.

Keep Smiling Friends 🙂

Write a Story – Complete the Unfinished Lines

7 Unfinished Phrases!

Once Upon a Time …
And Everyday …
Until One Day …
Because of This …
Because of This …
Until Finally …
And Ever Since That Day …

Improv (improvisation) is a way of life. It teaches you life lessons – listening, saying Yes And, responding to others and not reacting and the lessons continue. I would recommend everyone to go for Improv classes. If you are not aware about Improv and what exactly it is, watch the US TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.

I have done 3 levels of Improv in Mumbai. The games you play in the class help you come out of your comfort zone. You have to be spontaneous and in the moment.

One of my favorite games is to tell a story with above 7 unfinished starting phrases.

This game is played in a circle. So you have to pay close attention to what’s going on to make a good story. 7 people will complete one story.

You can also play this game alone but on one condition that you don’t give yourself time to think. When you don’t think much it’s more fun.

Write your story with above mentioned unfinished phrases in the comment and let’s see who scores maximum likes. Be quick and no cheating.

For example – the story can be
Once upon a time … There was a king named George who was blind.
And everyday … In the morning he used to go to the temple to pray to get his vision back.
Until one day … He forgot to go the temple and slept till the noon.
Because of this … The God he used to pray got very angry and made me bald.
Because of this … The queen left the king and took away his son with her.
Until finally … The king realized there is no reason for him to be alive and committed suicide.
And ever since that day … The kingdom for King George is looking for a new King. Someone please go to Gotham and be the king.

Waiting for your story!

Leaving Your Job for Your Passion

When I saw today’s prompt I looked back on my journey. When was the time I was in dilemma?

It was May 2014 when the zing to quit my job formed within me. I started contacting my friends who had done it. Few motivated me, few told not to do it. It became hard to take the decision. I remember I couldn’t sleep few nights. The first thought in the morning used to be about leaving my job. I was in the Dilemma.

I couldn’t leave my job then. My toastmaster mentors helped me to relax. I asked myself to be calm. Slowly and steadily I made myself ready for changes which I wanted to do in my life.

2 years later, July 2016 I left my job. And this time I was ready for it. I knew in my heart that this is what I should do and go after my passion.

Friends whenever you are in any dilemma, calm yourself first. Know what will make you happy. It’s an art which needs practice.

Not worrying about anyone’s feelings and going after what you want to do in life make us come out of any dilemma.

Pretending to be Human

I believe in Law of Attraction and I follow Abraham Hicks teachings.

Abraham’s teachings allowed me to understand that I am an extension of Source Energy having a physical experience and not a physical body experiencing spiritual existence.

This clearly means that I was till now pretending to be a Human. When we see ourselves as a physical body we go through life taking tension about almost everything. We always want to reach somewhere in this race of life.

But when we allow ourselves to be an energy and when that pure Source Energy flows through us, we are bright and beautiful. We can feel vital and alive in our body. This experience is available to everyone.

Let’s not Pretend to be human. Allow yourself to be the love which we called God.