Let’s flee from our Worry/Tension – The rule of 17 seconds

We are so busy in our life that we often forget to pay attention to our thoughts. We regret about our past stories. We take too much tension about the future and always forget to live the present.

Abraham Hicks says that when we start to think a thought, be it positive or negative, that when it reaches 17 seconds, law of attraction adds similar thoughts to it and when it reaches 68 seconds, the momentum of that thought has already reached a level from where it is difficult to zero it down. So in case of a positive thought, it is great and it will bring you what you want in life. But when you keep wondering about negativity in your life, it is also going to get you that negative thing.

We as human believe that it is good to have negative thoughts than no thought. Friends, it is OK to have no thoughts in your mind.

Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, let it not reach even 17 seconds. Stop right there! And start to think something positive in your life or make your mind quiet. When you practice this on a daily basis, you will see the change in your life.

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Getting Married At 30

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I am writing a humorous speech for my next project at Toastmaster. The speech is about how much people are excited when you get married at the age of 30, near or above. The speech definitely considers Indian cultural as I am an Indian.

Sharing a small synopsis below! Share your thoughts on “Do you think getting married at 30 is late?”

How many of you got married at the age of 30, near 30 or above. If you get married at the age of 30 or after 30, the only person who is excited, super excited about the marriage is YOU yourself.

And if it’s a love marriage, like you are the one who selected your life partner, then definitely you are the only one who is excited about it.

Even your friends are not that interested at all; obvious reason is that even they are around 30 now.

Half of my friends are married; few are into SERIOUS family planning. Few who are yet to get married are consulting Family Gurus, Pandits to find out what is wrong with their lives.

My elder sister got married at the age of 25. That was 2010 and my parents, family members, relatives, villagers, neighbours, everyone was so excited. My parents had called up each and every relative to personally invite them. My dad spoke so proudly on phone – my dad inviting his brother-in-law, (Loud voice) hello, Yes yes Priti’s marriage has been fixed. Yes yes I found the guy. Yes yes He is an Engineer. Yes yes marriage won’t happen without you. Yes yes YOU HAVE TO COME. NO no no no nooooo marriage will not happen without you means won’t happen without you. Yes yes the moment the cards get printed we will send it you. Yes yes good night bye.

Now I am about to get married and it’s after 6 years of sister’s marriage. Even all my relatives are old now. I myself told my dad, dad call your brother-in-law.

My dad is like why, why should I call him.

Dad, it’s my wedding. Invite them.

Oh, for that! Do we need to tell them? Who will come from that far?

Dad, call him, it’s my wedding.

My dad over the call, (Low tone) “yes yes Kriti is finally getting married. Yes yes she only arranged the guy. Yes yes the guy is kind of an engineer. Yes, yes, yes, yes, whatttttt, you are suffering from Migraine, you can’t come. Yes yes no problem, even I have got only 3 days leaves. You take care of yourself. Yes yes good night bye.

Need to complete the speech ASAP!

It’s Okay to have a Mess in your Life

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I love participating in various contests at Toastmasters. One really has to put a lot of time and effort to come up with a great speech.

This mess happened to me during the club level International Speech contest in February 2015. I was struggling to write a speech for the upcoming speech contest. It was just a week left for the contest and I had around 3-4 ideas, but I was not able to complete any of them.

Then an idea popped up just 4 days before and I wrote a speech titled – It’s Okay. The message was that it’s okay to have a MESS in your life as long as you find a moment of happiness.

I converted my ongoing situation to a speech and guess what I won the third place in the contest.

Let me know your feedback for the same.

A great lesson from Big Bang Theory – S06E05

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I recently started watching Big Bang theory. Today I watched the fifth episode of season 6 and one part of the conversation between Leonard and Penny is stuck in my mind.

In the scene Penny has come down to Leonard’s lab to understand what he does. Leonard starts explaining his latest work to Penny and says “It’s a front-projected holographic display combined with laser-based finger tracking.” And he creates a holographic display of a pencil with the effect of laser.

He continues, “according to a foundational idea in string theory the whole universe may be a hologram.”

Penny asked what do you mean and Leonard shows our Universe in that holographic display. It looked beautiful to me too.

He continues, “The holographic principle suggests that what we all experience every day in three dimensions may really just be information on a surface located at the farthest reaches of our cosmos. So it’s possible that our lives are really just acting out a painting on the largest canvas in the Universe.”

Can you believe it that our lives are really just acting out a painting on the largest canvas in the Universe?

Does it sound Hyperbolic?

I believe there still is no final proof about what exactly our Universe is. The science says something else, the religion says something else!

Abraham Hicks says that there is nothing serious going on here! I believe this. We humans are creating problems and seriousness. Our main purpose in this Universe is Joy. Don’t get too serious in life to miss out the fun.

If our lives are really acting out a painting, I want that painting to be full of Happiness, Fun and Laughter!

Keep Laughing!

Here is the YouTube link of the part from the episode I am referring to!

Flatter Yourself! – Can be Good?

“The Story You Tell is The Basis of Your Life.” – Abraham Hicks

You always get to know when someone is trying to flatter you. You don’t feel good when someone tells sweet things only for their benefits.

But what if you flatter yourself? What if you tell good things to yourself and actually mean it? Can it be a good thing?

When we train our minds to think and talk only about good things, good things happen to us.

Abraham Hicks says that tell your life story the way you want it to be and not the way it is right now. So if you want to be a successful person and are still in the process, don’t talk about the struggle, talk about being successful.

Sharing below few quotes by Abraham Hicks –

Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens.

You are the creator of your experience because you’re the teller of your story. And you can tell your story because of what you are observing, or you can tell your story because of what you desire.

You can say things like: Only good things come to me… I’ll figure it out as I go along… Every time you tell your BETTER_FEELING story, you will feel better, and the details of your life will improve. The better it gets, the better it gets.

In response to today’s prompt Flattery!

What to do when your parents argue

One should live the life following this wonderful quote – “Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.”

The best Argument is definitely between your mom and dad. Sometimes they fight for a reason and sometimes without any reasons. The dangerous situation arrives when they ask you to take their side and you are always confused whom to support.

My dad handles arguments in the best way. He just stops talking, he becomes quiet, this triggers my mom and she continues to argue.

I feel that after 5/10/20/30 years of marriage every couple becomes an arguing couple. Sometimes arguments are good for a healthy relationship but sometimes it can become very annoying, especially to the children.

So what should a child do when their parents fight? You need to be a Toastmaster to resolve the issue. Before joining Toastmaster I used get worried whenever there were arguments between my mom and dad but no more. Whenever they fight or argue with each other, I think about adding the argument to a speech for my Toastmaster projects. You need to give a lot of speeches at Toastmaster so one should not miss any opportunity.

I try to add humor to my parents’ arguments while writing a speech and it turns out that the audience enjoys these kinds of speeches. So chill out when your parents argue! Join Toastmaster 🙂

Contrast in Your Life is Important

I believe in Law of Attraction and have experienced its fruitfulness. I have felt a sudden increase in my knowledge of it especially after knowing Abraham Hicks. I am now in a process of mastering Law of Attraction.

Sharing here one of again my favorite lessons by Abraham Hicks.
“In any moment when you know you don’t want something, you also know what you want.” Let the contrast in your life guide you to know what exactly you want in life.

When I knew I don’t want to work in IT, I also knew what all things I want to do. The mistake we do is to keep focusing on the unwanted things than the wanted things. The things which we focus more on get bigger. The momentum of our desire will make anything and everything possible.

So next time when you experience contrast, focus on what you want instead of unnecessary choices. Life is supposed to be good for all of us.

Enjoy both contrast and your desire.