24 Days to 30th Birthday – Expand Your Horizon

Are you living a routine life and wondering where is the fun?
Do you work Monday to Friday and over the weekend all that you do is time pass with family and friends?

When I started working in IT industry the weekends were the mode to relax and chill out to get ready for the coming week. Monday was always boring and never welcomed. This went on for 3 years of my first job life.

I was working and earning money but was not satisfied.

I took a new role in a new company to kill the boredom but the same routine continued.

I was then introduced to Toastmasters in the year 2013. Toastmasters brought a new perspective in my life. I joined the Mumbai Toastmaster Club to hone my public speaking and leadership skills. The club meets every Sunday from 10 AM – 1 PM in Bandra, Mumbai.

As I always say Toastmaster has changed my life and now I am following my passion only because of being a Toastmaster.

I started going to my club EVERY Sunday. It was very rare for me to not go to my club. My priority changed. I chose Toastmasters over my weekend time with my family, fun time with my friends, movie time, doing nothing time, getting up late on Sunday time, EVERYTHING.

This one change unfurled my life to new learning, new opportunities and new dreams in my life. Joining Toastmasters led to joining Improv classes, doing stand-up comedy, doing theatre and then finally leaving my job to follow my passion for Acting.

During those times in Mumbai, Monday no longer bored me. It felt to me that my week already started on Sunday with an awesome meeting at Toastmasters.

Take one step to break the monotony in life. Do something in your free time especially over the weekend. One thing that interests you. Keep expanding your horizon.

Turning 30 feels awesome!


Getting Married At 30

In response to ‘Numbers

I am writing a humorous speech for my next project at Toastmaster. The speech is about how much people are excited when you get married at the age of 30, near or above. The speech definitely considers Indian cultural as I am an Indian.

Sharing a small synopsis below! Share your thoughts on “Do you think getting married at 30 is late?”

How many of you got married at the age of 30, near 30 or above. If you get married at the age of 30 or after 30, the only person who is excited, super excited about the marriage is YOU yourself.

And if it’s a love marriage, like you are the one who selected your life partner, then definitely you are the only one who is excited about it.

Even your friends are not that interested at all; obvious reason is that even they are around 30 now.

Half of my friends are married; few are into SERIOUS family planning. Few who are yet to get married are consulting Family Gurus, Pandits to find out what is wrong with their lives.

My elder sister got married at the age of 25. That was 2010 and my parents, family members, relatives, villagers, neighbours, everyone was so excited. My parents had called up each and every relative to personally invite them. My dad spoke so proudly on phone – my dad inviting his brother-in-law, (Loud voice) hello, Yes yes Priti’s marriage has been fixed. Yes yes I found the guy. Yes yes He is an Engineer. Yes yes marriage won’t happen without you. Yes yes YOU HAVE TO COME. NO no no no nooooo marriage will not happen without you means won’t happen without you. Yes yes the moment the cards get printed we will send it you. Yes yes good night bye.

Now I am about to get married and it’s after 6 years of sister’s marriage. Even all my relatives are old now. I myself told my dad, dad call your brother-in-law.

My dad is like why, why should I call him.

Dad, it’s my wedding. Invite them.

Oh, for that! Do we need to tell them? Who will come from that far?

Dad, call him, it’s my wedding.

My dad over the call, (Low tone) “yes yes Kriti is finally getting married. Yes yes she only arranged the guy. Yes yes the guy is kind of an engineer. Yes, yes, yes, yes, whatttttt, you are suffering from Migraine, you can’t come. Yes yes no problem, even I have got only 3 days leaves. You take care of yourself. Yes yes good night bye.

Need to complete the speech ASAP!

It’s Okay to have a Mess in your Life

In response to Chaos


I love participating in various contests at Toastmasters. One really has to put a lot of time and effort to come up with a great speech.

This mess happened to me during the club level International Speech contest in February 2015. I was struggling to write a speech for the upcoming speech contest. It was just a week left for the contest and I had around 3-4 ideas, but I was not able to complete any of them.

Then an idea popped up just 4 days before and I wrote a speech titled – It’s Okay. The message was that it’s okay to have a MESS in your life as long as you find a moment of happiness.

I converted my ongoing situation to a speech and guess what I won the third place in the contest.

Let me know your feedback for the same.

Changes Bring New Promises to Yourself

“Change is the only constant.” – One can also relate the meaning of this quote to the fact that people change with time. And I feel it’s not a bad thing. If you don’t change with time you will be stuck in one place for the rest of your life.

Change feels awesome. My life has changed for better and made me realize that Changes bring new Promises, promises that you should make to yourself and not to others.

We always get angry when someone breaks their promises that they have made to us. But it’s OK if you or someone else breaks promises that don’t serve anyone. With time our priority changes.

After staying here in Copenhagen I have realized that it’s SO important to work on yourself because only this will create a better YOU.

I have made few promises to myself. Good thing about making a promise to yourself is that you don’t have to answer anyone if you break one. But that doesn’t mean if you break one.

1>Exercise Daily – People here in Denmark are so FIT. Few exercises are part of their daily routine, cycling, going to CrossFit or any other fitness regimen. There are ample numbers of such centers. The best time for them is the summer time – they go crazy when they see the sun. You can find them leaving early from work and going to the beach or canal side just to chill and take sunbath.

2>Play a Sport – Again a daily life routine. There are numerous play grounds here covering almost all sports life football, basketball, volleyball, rugby and the list can go on. I am playing badminton here every Saturday. Believe me it feels so great, even if you are playing only once a week. Once should definitely play a sport of their own choice on a regular basis.

3>Keep Writing – I started my blog here in Copenhagen. And it has given so much power to me and my writing. Daily prompt, weekly photo challenges, weekly discover challenges are starting points of blogging career. I now can’t live my day without writing a blog. Big thanks to WordPress and bloggers on WordPress.

4>Toastmaster JourneyToastmaster is now in my blood. This International platform is the best way to connect with people all across the world. It’s a life long journey to practice public speaking and build on leadership skills. Toastmaster has changed my life in an awesome way. I have to now get back to giving more speeches and helping others to overcome the fear of public speaking.

5>My Passion for Acting – I can definitely say that I am going back to India as an actor. Having performed in the recent Topsy-Turvy Tales by Copenhagen Theatre Circle is the best memory of my stay here in Copenhagen. And I now want to make more such memories. Learning how to act is a very refined process that needs concentration, focus, and passion. I am goona be there soon.

Make a new promise to yourself. Let it be a good change in your life.

What to do when your parents argue

One should live the life following this wonderful quote – “Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.”

The best Argument is definitely between your mom and dad. Sometimes they fight for a reason and sometimes without any reasons. The dangerous situation arrives when they ask you to take their side and you are always confused whom to support.

My dad handles arguments in the best way. He just stops talking, he becomes quiet, this triggers my mom and she continues to argue.

I feel that after 5/10/20/30 years of marriage every couple becomes an arguing couple. Sometimes arguments are good for a healthy relationship but sometimes it can become very annoying, especially to the children.

So what should a child do when their parents fight? You need to be a Toastmaster to resolve the issue. Before joining Toastmaster I used get worried whenever there were arguments between my mom and dad but no more. Whenever they fight or argue with each other, I think about adding the argument to a speech for my Toastmaster projects. You need to give a lot of speeches at Toastmaster so one should not miss any opportunity.

I try to add humor to my parents’ arguments while writing a speech and it turns out that the audience enjoys these kinds of speeches. So chill out when your parents argue! Join Toastmaster 🙂