25 Days to 30th Birthday – Enjoy the Ride

I will start by saying I Love You Abraham Hicks.
Things in my life have changed so wonderfully with Abraham Hicks’ teachings.

To live a life following The Law of Attraction is awesome.

In one of her videos Abraham Hicks says these wonderful lines about what you said when you decided to come to your physical experience.

“Not one of you said I will go, it’s all figure it out for me and I will just go be what has already figured it out. That’s not fun. You said, I am the creator, I will shift and sort. I will decide what I want and I will allow myself to receive it and I will revel in the focal point of abundance that is focused and showering down around me at all time. The humor and the clarity and the fun, ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! You are so in the right place at the right time. You came into this time space reality for the acceleration of Creation.”

At times it’s better not to have a smooth ride in life. I believe that’s why we sometimes go and enjoy ourselves in the roller coaster.

Let’s life surprise you. Don’t always desire to have everything sorted out for you. That’s really not the fun of life. Turning 30 is exactly giving me this feeling. I am open to new opportunities that life will showcase me. 🙂

I will end by saying I Love You Abraham Hicks.

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This New Year give up your Struggle

In response to Mope!

Struggle always leads to misery! We have held believes that there is no gain without pain. One has to go through struggle, a lot of struggle to win something in life. But it is not true.

Friends, as we welcome a new year, promise yourself to give up the struggle.

Abraham Hicks says – ‘Reduce your workload by 30% and increase your fun load by 30% and you will increase your revenues by 100%. More fun, less struggle – more results on all fronts.’

Enjoy! Have Fun!


Let’s flee from our Worry/Tension – The rule of 17 seconds

We are so busy in our life that we often forget to pay attention to our thoughts. We regret about our past stories. We take too much tension about the future and always forget to live the present.

Abraham Hicks says that when we start to think a thought, be it positive or negative, that when it reaches 17 seconds, law of attraction adds similar thoughts to it and when it reaches 68 seconds, the momentum of that thought has already reached a level from where it is difficult to zero it down. So in case of a positive thought, it is great and it will bring you what you want in life. But when you keep wondering about negativity in your life, it is also going to get you that negative thing.

We as human believe that it is good to have negative thoughts than no thought. Friends, it is OK to have no thoughts in your mind.

Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, let it not reach even 17 seconds. Stop right there! And start to think something positive in your life or make your mind quiet. When you practice this on a daily basis, you will see the change in your life.

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Flatter Yourself! – Can be Good?

“The Story You Tell is The Basis of Your Life.” – Abraham Hicks

You always get to know when someone is trying to flatter you. You don’t feel good when someone tells sweet things only for their benefits.

But what if you flatter yourself? What if you tell good things to yourself and actually mean it? Can it be a good thing?

When we train our minds to think and talk only about good things, good things happen to us.

Abraham Hicks says that tell your life story the way you want it to be and not the way it is right now. So if you want to be a successful person and are still in the process, don’t talk about the struggle, talk about being successful.

Sharing below few quotes by Abraham Hicks –

Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens.

You are the creator of your experience because you’re the teller of your story. And you can tell your story because of what you are observing, or you can tell your story because of what you desire.

You can say things like: Only good things come to me… I’ll figure it out as I go along… Every time you tell your BETTER_FEELING story, you will feel better, and the details of your life will improve. The better it gets, the better it gets.

In response to today’s prompt Flattery!

Contrast in Your Life is Important

I believe in Law of Attraction and have experienced its fruitfulness. I have felt a sudden increase in my knowledge of it especially after knowing Abraham Hicks. I am now in a process of mastering Law of Attraction.

Sharing here one of again my favorite lessons by Abraham Hicks.
“In any moment when you know you don’t want something, you also know what you want.” Let the contrast in your life guide you to know what exactly you want in life.

When I knew I don’t want to work in IT, I also knew what all things I want to do. The mistake we do is to keep focusing on the unwanted things than the wanted things. The things which we focus more on get bigger. The momentum of our desire will make anything and everything possible.

So next time when you experience contrast, focus on what you want instead of unnecessary choices. Life is supposed to be good for all of us.

Enjoy both contrast and your desire.

Test the Universe

Have you have ever asked the universe to resolve your issues?

Here is the link of one of my favorite videos of Abraham Hicks. Abraham says in this video that Test the universe and watch what shows up.

Universe knows what you want and where it is. Ask the universe and receive it.

Pretending to be Human

I believe in Law of Attraction and I follow Abraham Hicks teachings.

Abraham’s teachings allowed me to understand that I am an extension of Source Energy having a physical experience and not a physical body experiencing spiritual existence.

This clearly means that I was till now pretending to be a Human. When we see ourselves as a physical body we go through life taking tension about almost everything. We always want to reach somewhere in this race of life.

But when we allow ourselves to be an energy and when that pure Source Energy flows through us, we are bright and beautiful. We can feel vital and alive in our body. This experience is available to everyone.

Let’s not Pretend to be human. Allow yourself to be the love which we called God.