First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Hey All,

It feels awesome to finally get started with my own blog. A lot to share, a lot to write, a lot to read and a life to explore. I searched on Google what is the difference between dreams and passion. I found out that Dream is something you want to be and Passion is something you love doing. Then in my case I have a dream to always follow my passion.

This is Kriti from Mumbai. I love giving speeches at Toastmaster meetings, doing stand up comedy and writing.


October begins with Greatness

Yahhh! Couldn’t write blogs for the last few days and you will like the reasons. Went to Iceland with my husband and two friends.

Will definitely write the blog regarding my Iceland trip. All I can say for now is that Iceland is grrrrrrrrrrrrrreattttttttttttt.

Now October begins with a bang. My 2nd year of Commedia School started today. And we begin with Melodrama.

There is a lot to learn! An artist journey is full of surprises, good surprises.

As taught today, consider a triangle which represents the melodrama scene – There is a bad guy, a victim, and a hero! And at times we have someone from outside supporting the scene.

Now I am excited to find out which role I can play the best! 😉 Maybe the bad guy or the victim or the hero!  You never know!

Last Few Days of Summer in Copenhagen

Last few days of summer in Copenhagen feel like heaven!

Walking in garden feels like the long, tall trees are talking to you, when you look at them with love, they are saying to you – your life is in Now! So live this moment and forget about past and future.

And I did that today! I was dancing as if nobody was watching me in the garden to my favorite Bollywood songs. It felt awesome.

A lot on my creative plate! – Writing a story for a play, speech writing for my Toastmaster humorous speech contest, script for hosting Copenhagen Storytelling OpenStage and ya personal stuff 🙂

Whats keeping you busy(happily) these days!

Crazy-Lazy Bone

OK so the last post I wrote was when I was turning 30!
Now guess what! I turned 31 😛

And now I am wondering! Am I a Crazy bone or a Lazy bone?
It’s time to get back to blogging. Well I never stopped thinking about it. 🙂

Last Friday I finallyyyyyyyy saw the greatest movie of all time – Julie and Julia!

One lesson that I take from the movie is definitely to have a Goal in life and be dedicated to it no matter what happens!

My favorite quotes from the movie – I’m Julia Child. Bon appetit! And ‘What is it that you really like to do? Me – Eat!

Back to Comedy! Back to Writing! Back to Public Speaking!

16 Days to 30th Birthday – New Home After Marriage

Copenhagen now feels home to me. It’s been almost five months I moved here after my wedding.

This place has given so much to me, the freedom in life, the courage to follow my dreams and a lot.

One of the best things I have been doing here is the volunteer work, especially volunteering at Cafe Cadeau. Serving the coffee, helping in the kitchen, taking care of the customer, I love it. This is something I always wanted to do, but could have never done in my own country because in India I am an engineer.

Copenhagen is helping me change my own perspective toward life, not to judge people, relax and not think too much in life, define your own rules and have fun, fun and more fun.

Love you my new home Copenhagen!

17 Days to 30th Birthday – Can Love be Synchronized?

Being in Love is the best feeling in this world. It makes you a good person.

My husband and I fell in love in Synchronization. We both started liking each other almost at the same time. Nobody had to woo the other one. It happened and we got married. So basically I didn’t get a formal proposal 😛

Now, after marriage I am getting to know that the way we love each other is different, but at times it feels great to discover that we both are thinking about the same thing.

We often say opposite attracts, especially in love.

But do you think love can be synchronized with the same thoughts, same feeling, same desire?


18 Days to 30th Birthday – My First Tedx Event – All is Well

Attending a Ted or Tedx event has always been my dream. Today attending Tedx came to fruition when I had the opportunity to attend TedxCopenhagen.

One of the speakers, Berit Hessing narrated a heart-touching life story about Encountering uncertainty. She shared that how her husband met with an accident and was paralyzed. How things changed for her. She had to take care of four children, work, home, everything. There came a time when she wasn’t sure whose life she is living, a mother, a husband, a wife. She always saw her husband ill and was totally broken.

Then one day when she was having lunch with her family, she got a Visceral feeling to go out in the fresh air. She went out and took some deep breaths. At that moment a profound thought knocked her heart. The thought was “What if my husband is well and I am looking at him as ill”. She went inside and told her husband that now onward you are well. Things changed that day onward for her and her family. Her husband started recovering fast.

She told us how she and her husband spoke about happiness, love, wellness and never about the illness. This life event reshaped her life, for the better.

You know friends, we don’t need to go through struggles, failures, sadness to understand that life is supposed to be good.

I love Dr. Wayne Dyer quote – “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

All is Well! And if not change the way you look at things 🙂


19 Days to 30th Birthday – The World Needs More People Like Ellen DeGeneres

Do you need some inspiration in life? Watch Ellen DeGeneres’s show every day, watch her stand-up comedy videos.

Her oozing personality will make your life simpler and happier.

I got to know about her this year only and now I am in total awe of her. Her service to humanity is speechless.

I love her motto of life – Be Kind to One Another.

Whenever I feel a little low I watch her episodes on YouTube and there I am, full of life again.

I got shocked when I found out that she is 59 years old and next year she will complete 60. O My God, look at her enthusiasm and fun attitude toward life.

She has sparked within me the energy to live my next 30 years with love and fun in my heart. We get serious turning 30 but look at Ellen, she looks younger day by day.

I love her! I love her! I love her!
Keep Inspiring us Ellen!