Don’t Let Your Life Become a Conundrum

The latest movie Dear Zindagi is an eye opener to live your life to the fullest. One of my favorite dialogues is

“Zindagi mein jab koi pattern banta ya koi aadat banti dikhai de na … toh uske baare mein achchi tarah se sochna chahiye … genius is about knowing when to stop.”

In English – “In life when you see a pattern or a habit forming … then you should think about that very carefully … genius is about knowing when to stop.”

Is there a pattern or habit in your life that needs to be changed?

Don’t wait too long to break a bad habit! Don’t wait for the condition to change! You make the change in your life now. Don’t let your life become a Conundrum!

We are the creator of own life!

Leave your job if you are not happy working! Follow your passion! Don’t spoil your free time/weekends watching television! Read good books! Spend time alone and retrospect!

I have understood that whenever you decide to make positive changes in your life, you will find a way to do this!

There is a famous quote that says ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear!’.

Get up! Dance! Act! Read! Enjoy!

Shhhhhhhhhhh! My place is my Bathroom

My mind started to wonder about various places I have lived or spent time at so far when I read about the challenge ‘Finding Your Place’. I couldn’t go further down the list once I found ‘my bathroom’ on the list.

Now why I am sharing this! Here is a question to you! Have you have experienced or noticed that you get your life’s best ideas in your bathroom? If yes, then you get what I am sharing and if not, you need to switch off your phone or speaker when you are in your bathroom.

People often say that I am a bathroom singer. What they hesitate to say is that I am myself when I am in my bathroom.

People cry in their bathrooms so that nobody can notice them. If you are not staying alone, then on a daily basis your bathroom is the only place in your life where you can do whatever you want to do. Now keep the naughty mind aside and think about it. 🙂

Every morning I look at the mirror and I say to myself – I love you, you are awesome! I am sharing a secret here – whenever I am sitting on the throne (commode :P) I take my own interview, I pretend to be both the host and the celebrity and I love doing this.

So next time when you are in your bathroom, start pretending to be the person you want to be and experience how it will benefit your life.

Take this a challenge, an advice/idea and share your experience!

Let’s flee from our Worry/Tension – The rule of 17 seconds

We are so busy in our life that we often forget to pay attention to our thoughts. We regret about our past stories. We take too much tension about the future and always forget to live the present.

Abraham Hicks says that when we start to think a thought, be it positive or negative, that when it reaches 17 seconds, law of attraction adds similar thoughts to it and when it reaches 68 seconds, the momentum of that thought has already reached a level from where it is difficult to zero it down. So in case of a positive thought, it is great and it will bring you what you want in life. But when you keep wondering about negativity in your life, it is also going to get you that negative thing.

We as human believe that it is good to have negative thoughts than no thought. Friends, it is OK to have no thoughts in your mind.

Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, let it not reach even 17 seconds. Stop right there! And start to think something positive in your life or make your mind quiet. When you practice this on a daily basis, you will see the change in your life.

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Teacher to Kids = Student of Life

Wow! A New Horizon to aim for!

December 2016 has also been a wonderful month for me. I always wanted to be a teacher, spending time with kids, playing with them and a little bit of regular study. When I was between 8-10 years old I opened a school with my friends. And I appointed myself as the school principal. Every evening after our regular school, we children used to gather on the terrace to study. We did take school fees from kids, around 10 paise to 25 paise and I still remember celebrating Saraswati Puja (Festival to worship the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning) with all the kids.

I am grateful to the Law of Attraction for bringing this long due dream into reality. This month I got appointed as a creative educator at Helen O’Grady Organization in Navi Mumbai, India. The organization is an International platform that aims to provide a self-development through drama programme for children. The four Cs that this organization focuses on are Communication, Confident, Creativity and Collaboration.

It feels awesome to get involved and teach something that you are passionate about. We teach improvisation, speech value, projection, poem, how to respond to various situations in life. It is a platform to teach kids life skills, experiential learning and much more.

It has been only a week and I can say the journey has been great. I have already experienced the fact that when you become a teacher to kids, you become a student of life. There is so much to learn from them.

Every child is unique. They are naughty in their own sweet way. They fight to have fun. Boys are more mischievous than girls. I am so excited to share my learning with you all in coming post.

Above pics are from my class. I am also posing as a teacher 🙂

Enjoy and have fun!

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What inspires you to write daily?

I have to write something for today’s prompt as it suits me – Vanish. The last post I wrote was on 25th November and it’s already 10 days I have not written anything on my blog.

Why is it hard to keep a habit going? How can you transform your habit to a daily routine like brushing your teeth, taking bath, eating food and etc? I know these are necessary things for a living but I want even my writing to be a daily routine, without which I should not let a single day pass.

Can you share what motivates you to keep writing daily? What is your Mantra? What inspires you?

Taking such a long break from writing will not help me publish my book! Need your guidance!

Sated? Is it a Myth?

Sated – Satisfied – is possible!

Like after writing a post, you want to write more, more and more, similarly in life you will never be fully satisfied, one fulfilled desire or dream always leads to a new dream, a new desire. This is why the human race is still continued.

I now believe that satisfaction in life is about enjoying those moments of happiness in your life to the fullest. Material things will not make you fully satisfy.

Whenever you sit back and relax and retrospect your life, what is that thing which brings a smile to your face? For me it is always the time when I was myself, enjoying and having fun.

I miss my Goa and Landour trip with a bunch of crazy friends. I really miss those cute moments of my life during those journeys and wish I could relive those moments.

I am going to make sure that whenever I am spending time with my family, friends, loved ones, I will cherish those moments and not think about other things.

Let’s live each moment to the fullest to create Sated memories 🙂

What if your friends to officiate your Marriage!

There is one famous quote that says ‘You are born with your relatives, but you can definitely choose your Friends.”

I am not only enjoying watching The Big Bang Theory seasons, but also learning a lot from it. The last episode of season 5 was again an eye opener where they show Howard and Bernadette’s wedding. The similar concept that the TV show ‘Friends’ had shown where Joey officiates the wedding of Monica and Chandler.

After Howard and Bernadette take their vows, five of their best friends complete the ceremony stating below line.
“By the power vested in us by the state of California, we now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Don’t you agree that it would be great if your best friends have the power to pronounce you husband and wife on your wedding day? Especially when it’s a love marriage and your friends know your journey and how it all happened. Just wearing the hat of ‘Mind the Gap’ for this awesome idea which can be so inspiring. I don’t think so that this can ever happen in Hindu marriages, but I am really inspired and would love to attend such weddings.

This idea can Elicit an end to Chaotic wedding procedures we follow in India.

Sharing the YouTube link of Howard and Bernadette’s wedding