23 Days to 30th Birthday – Doing Headstand

Can you do Headstand all by yourself?

Going to Fitness World has inspired me to try Headstand. Something that I have never ever done in my life.

Whenever our Yoga teacher teaches us the technique I feel like I can do it, but when I try… 😛

I have realized that one needs solitude to do Headstand in Yoga. 

Well, I am definitely going to achieve doing Headstand and maybe soon I will post my own picture like this.

Do share your tips and tricks of doing Headstand!




24 Days to 30th Birthday – Expand Your Horizon

Are you living a routine life and wondering where is the fun?
Do you work Monday to Friday and over the weekend all that you do is time pass with family and friends?

When I started working in IT industry the weekends were the mode to relax and chill out to get ready for the coming week. Monday was always boring and never welcomed. This went on for 3 years of my first job life.

I was working and earning money but was not satisfied.

I took a new role in a new company to kill the boredom but the same routine continued.

I was then introduced to Toastmasters in the year 2013. Toastmasters brought a new perspective in my life. I joined the Mumbai Toastmaster Club to hone my public speaking and leadership skills. The club meets every Sunday from 10 AM – 1 PM in Bandra, Mumbai.

As I always say Toastmaster has changed my life and now I am following my passion only because of being a Toastmaster.

I started going to my club EVERY Sunday. It was very rare for me to not go to my club. My priority changed. I chose Toastmasters over my weekend time with my family, fun time with my friends, movie time, doing nothing time, getting up late on Sunday time, EVERYTHING.

This one change unfurled my life to new learning, new opportunities and new dreams in my life. Joining Toastmasters led to joining Improv classes, doing stand-up comedy, doing theatre and then finally leaving my job to follow my passion for Acting.

During those times in Mumbai, Monday no longer bored me. It felt to me that my week already started on Sunday with an awesome meeting at Toastmasters.

Take one step to break the monotony in life. Do something in your free time especially over the weekend. One thing that interests you. Keep expanding your horizon.

Turning 30 feels awesome!

25 Days to 30th Birthday – Enjoy the Ride

I will start by saying I Love You Abraham Hicks.
Things in my life have changed so wonderfully with Abraham Hicks’ teachings.

To live a life following The Law of Attraction is awesome.

In one of her videos Abraham Hicks says these wonderful lines about what you said when you decided to come to your physical experience.

“Not one of you said I will go, it’s all figure it out for me and I will just go be what has already figured it out. That’s not fun. You said, I am the creator, I will shift and sort. I will decide what I want and I will allow myself to receive it and I will revel in the focal point of abundance that is focused and showering down around me at all time. The humor and the clarity and the fun, ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! You are so in the right place at the right time. You came into this time space reality for the acceleration of Creation.”

At times it’s better not to have a smooth ride in life. I believe that’s why we sometimes go and enjoy ourselves in the roller coaster.

Let’s life surprise you. Don’t always desire to have everything sorted out for you. That’s really not the fun of life. Turning 30 is exactly giving me this feeling. I am open to new opportunities that life will showcase me. 🙂

I will end by saying I Love You Abraham Hicks.

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26 Days to 30th Birthday – Being Playful

I love this Game – Never Have I Ever …..

I vividly remember playing this game with my Toastmasters friends during a conference in Hyderabad in 2015.

Most of us know how the game is played. We played below version of the game.

We sat on chairs forming in circle. The host of the party started with the game. He asked us to put up 5 fingers. We had to start completing the sentence Never Have I ever in the circle one by one. Every time we did the thing that was mentioned by the other play we had to put one finger down. Those you end up putting down all the fingers must drink one shot.

The real fun began when we started targeting our friends and told things which he/she did. We made our nonalcoholic friends drink willy-nilly.

Below 5 things are in my bucket list that I didn’t do till date but will definitely do after turning 30.

Never have I ever turned 30 😛
Never have I ever wrote a novel!
Never have I ever run a marathon!
Never have I ever been on TV!
Never have I ever took my husband on a holiday:)

What are yours 5 Never Have I Ever did things?

27 Days to 30th Birthday – A Positive Prickle

I believe Prickle is mostly considered as a negative emotion. But let’s consider it as a positive emotion. Something like getting Goosebumps.

I remember watching Masterchef and getting goosebumps to participate in it, to go and follow my passion for cooking or to follow my other passion. I went for Masterchef India audition and loved being there. I have never ever got such goosebumps when going to office 😉

Your dreams in life will prickle you with an emotion so strong you would want to leave everything to follow your dreams. Don’t miss on it.

Turning 30 Pricks me, positively. A new beginning, a new Era and there are so much to do!

28 Days to 30th Birthday – The Moment

One of my Yoga teachers at Fitness World sang below lines at the end one class.

Why Not Enjoy the Moment, Why Not Enjoy it Now!
Why Not Enjoy the Moment, Why Not Enjoy it Now!

We wait for the perfect moment to enjoy life. At times we become so systematic we forget that life’s best moments comes and goes in a Jiffy. And there you are, at your 30th birthday 😛

So today I ask you – “Why Not Enjoy the Moment, Why Not Enjoy it Now!” – Will you do it?

29 Days to 30th Birthday – Boxing Class

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

If you can answer the above question daily, that means you are living life to the fullest, trying something new every day.

Well, today I tried something for the first time. I went to the boxing class in Fitness world. It’s been now 4 weeks since I started going to Fitness world. I go to Yoga classes, I do weight lifting, cardio and today I got the courage to go to the Boxing class. I feel happy that my body is coming back into shape.

I have read it that it takes 4 weeks for your body to recognize that you are doing exercise daily and then you feel the change. I can now feel the change in my body. Over the last few years I gained a few extra pounds, especially belly fat and turning 30 doesn’t make it look better. You have to work harder when you are in your 30s to be back in shape. It’s a journey toward a healthy life.

Earlier I used to think going to Gym is a waste of money and time, but now I love it, especially here in Copenhagen.

In Fitness world they have got so many group activities. You do better when you are with a group. The energy in the room inspires you.

Here is what I have to say to all the beautiful ladies out there! Boys play games, men go to the gym and most of us always find reasons to not do exercise. Don’t find reasons! Join a gym! Move your body! Build on those muscles, kill those extra pounds and keep trying something new at the gym.

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