21 Days to 30th Birthday – Danish Drink Snaps

On Friday we hosted a pre wedding party for one of our volunteers in our Cafe.

For the first time I tried Snaps. Snaps is a famous Danish drink, a very strong alcoholic beverage taken during the course of a meal.

I love the soothing feeling after two-three shots, but that day it became 5-6 shots.

I took the wedding hat from #bridetobe and put it on me.

I never believed drinking is bad as long as you are in control and it doesn’t become your daily habit. It makes you feel young.




26 Days to 30th Birthday – Being Playful

I love this Game – Never Have I Ever …..

I vividly remember playing this game with my Toastmasters friends during a conference in Hyderabad in 2015.

Most of us know how the game is played. We played below version of the game.

We sat on chairs forming in circle. The host of the party started with the game. He asked us to put up 5 fingers. We had to start completing the sentence Never Have I ever in the circle one by one. Every time we did the thing that was mentioned by the other play we had to put one finger down. Those you end up putting down all the fingers must drink one shot.

The real fun began when we started targeting our friends and told things which he/she did. We made our nonalcoholic friends drink willy-nilly.

Below 5 things are in my bucket list that I didn’t do till date but will definitely do after turning 30.

Never have I ever turned 30 😛
Never have I ever wrote a novel!
Never have I ever run a marathon!
Never have I ever been on TV!
Never have I ever took my husband on a holiday:)

What are yours 5 Never Have I Ever did things?

What if your friends to officiate your Marriage!

There is one famous quote that says ‘You are born with your relatives, but you can definitely choose your Friends.”

I am not only enjoying watching The Big Bang Theory seasons, but also learning a lot from it. The last episode of season 5 was again an eye opener where they show Howard and Bernadette’s wedding. The similar concept that the TV show ‘Friends’ had shown where Joey officiates the wedding of Monica and Chandler.

After Howard and Bernadette take their vows, five of their best friends complete the ceremony stating below line.
“By the power vested in us by the state of California, we now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Don’t you agree that it would be great if your best friends have the power to pronounce you husband and wife on your wedding day? Especially when it’s a love marriage and your friends know your journey and how it all happened. Just wearing the hat of ‘Mind the Gap’ for this awesome idea which can be so inspiring. I don’t think so that this can ever happen in Hindu marriages, but I am really inspired and would love to attend such weddings.

This idea can Elicit an end to Chaotic wedding procedures we follow in India.

Sharing the YouTube link of Howard and Bernadette’s wedding

Relished the Salsa Sauce in a Hilarious Way


As mentioned earlier, I again searched on Google for the correct definition of the word Relish. One example by Google reminded me of my Improv show that we did as Level 3 students.

Just to give a brief about Improv (Improvisation), it is a form of theatre in which no script is used. You get a suggestion from the audience and start to act out the scene. One definitely needs to learn the rules of Improv. Improv has greatly improved my life and I can’t imagine my life without Improv.

I feel grateful to have been introduced to Improv and was taught by renowned Adam Dow. (Founder of ICM, India’s first Improv troupe comedy)

So during the show, I and one partner (a guy) was up on stage and our host Adam asked the suggestions from the audience. Two audience members individually shouted Salsa and Cooking. My scene partner and I heard them clearly. Whenever there are like two or three suggestions from the audience, the host selects one from them and tells the performers to start the scene.

In this case Adam gave the suggestion to us as Cooking Salsa.

To tell you the truth friends, I didn’t know or maybe couldn’t think about the Salsa sauce at that time. The scene could have definitely gone as cooking the salsa sauce. But what we did was a total different version of cooking salsa.

I started the scene by cooking and dancing Salsa dance form and said to my partner, whom I made my husband in the scene, what’s up darling, do you want an omelet at breakfast.

My partner supported me completely and didn’t deny what I started the scene with. The first rule of improv is to Agree. 🙂

We added a lot of new flavors to this new way of relishing salsa sauce. Everybody in the audience enjoyed our version of cooking salsa sauce. Adam also appreciated my work in the end. That’s all you need from your Guru. 🙂

I learnt a great lesson that day that it’s OK to not know about something in life. We can always create a new version of that along our journey with an added flavor of fun.

It was a Relishing moment of fun, happiness and laughter.

Above is the pic from the scene!
Keep Improvising!

Are we learning anything from Indian TV Shows?

Just putting my thoughts here that are we learning anything from Indian TV shows?

For around 25 years of my life I have watched Indian TV shows. Luckily I got to know about various other TV shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, Prison Break and many more and I still need to watch a lot of great TV shows.

I am not denying the fact that there were/are good Indian TV shows but majority of them don’t make any sense. The same saas-bahu fight (Fight between Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law), family tension, society concerns are shown in all daily soaps.

How will India change if we keep showing these kinds of non-sense?

India is a country where major population of women is housewives and when they see these daily soaps their minds can’t think about new ideas. They are still stuck in old believes.

I have learned so much from the American television sitcom FRIENDS. You can actually watch FRIENDS seasons again and again. I seriously feel that few Indian TV shows should be Banned.

Indian television needs TV shows that can show love for dreams, passion and not hatred for loved ones. If we want India to change for better we have to make better TV shows.