Grow Through Life No Matter What


This one corner of my balcony is teaching me so many lessons of life.

My mom bought this plant and it is kept in our balcony. Within few days it started growing. My mom tied it with a rope and dangled it on top so that it can grow without any obstacles.

If you see in the picture, the rapid growth of this plant stopped as it reached the floor. But even with this obstacle and Tiny space this plant is making all the efforts to grow.

I was not paying attention to this plant, but when my mom told me the situation something struck my mind.

Our rapid growth in our life is also possible if we set ourselves free from negativity, small issues, and unnecessary fights. And when you can’t avoid or change little negativity in life make sure you don’t let that stop you to do what you want to do in life.

Let our life blossoms like the Aromatic plants around us.