Sated? Is it a Myth?

Sated – Satisfied – is possible!

Like after writing a post, you want to write more, more and more, similarly in life you will never be fully satisfied, one fulfilled desire or dream always leads to a new dream, a new desire. This is why the human race is still continued.

I now believe that satisfaction in life is about enjoying those moments of happiness in your life to the fullest. Material things will not make you fully satisfy.

Whenever you sit back and relax and retrospect your life, what is that thing which brings a smile to your face? For me it is always the time when I was myself, enjoying and having fun.

I miss my Goa and Landour trip with a bunch of crazy friends. I really miss those cute moments of my life during those journeys and wish I could relive those moments.

I am going to make sure that whenever I am spending time with my family, friends, loved ones, I will cherish those moments and not think about other things.

Let’s live each moment to the fullest to create Sated memories 🙂


Author: passiondesignerblog

below quotes describe me the best way "The goal is to die with memories and not dreams." "Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win."

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