Write a Story – Complete the Unfinished Lines

7 Unfinished Phrases!

Once Upon a Time …
And Everyday …
Until One Day …
Because of This …
Because of This …
Until Finally …
And Ever Since That Day …

Improv (improvisation) is a way of life. It teaches you life lessons – listening, saying Yes And, responding to others and not reacting and the lessons continue. I would recommend everyone to go for Improv classes. If you are not aware about Improv and what exactly it is, watch the US TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.

I have done 3 levels of Improv in Mumbai. The games you play in the class help you come out of your comfort zone. You have to be spontaneous and in the moment.

One of my favorite games is to tell a story with above 7 unfinished starting phrases.

This game is played in a circle. So you have to pay close attention to what’s going on to make a good story. 7 people will complete one story.

You can also play this game alone but on one condition that you don’t give yourself time to think. When you don’t think much it’s more fun.

Write your story with above mentioned unfinished phrases in the comment and let’s see who scores maximum likes. Be quick and no cheating.

For example – the story can be
Once upon a time … There was a king named George who was blind.
And everyday … In the morning he used to go to the temple to pray to get his vision back.
Until one day … He forgot to go the temple and slept till the noon.
Because of this … The God he used to pray got very angry and made me bald.
Because of this … The queen left the king and took away his son with her.
Until finally … The king realized there is no reason for him to be alive and committed suicide.
And ever since that day … The kingdom for King George is looking for a new King. Someone please go to Gotham and be the king.

Waiting for your story!