Shhhhhhhhhhh! My place is my Bathroom

My mind started to wonder about various places I have lived or spent time at so far when I read about the challenge ‘Finding Your Place’. I couldn’t go further down the list once I found ‘my bathroom’ on the list.

Now why I am sharing this! Here is a question to you! Have you have experienced or noticed that you get your life’s best ideas in your bathroom? If yes, then you get what I am sharing and if not, you need to switch off your phone or speaker when you are in your bathroom.

People often say that I am a bathroom singer. What they hesitate to say is that I am myself when I am in my bathroom.

People cry in their bathrooms so that nobody can notice them. If you are not staying alone, then on a daily basis your bathroom is the only place in your life where you can do whatever you want to do. Now keep the naughty mind aside and think about it. 🙂

Every morning I look at the mirror and I say to myself – I love you, you are awesome! I am sharing a secret here – whenever I am sitting on the throne (commode :P) I take my own interview, I pretend to be both the host and the celebrity and I love doing this.

So next time when you are in your bathroom, start pretending to be the person you want to be and experience how it will benefit your life.

Take this a challenge, an advice/idea and share your experience!