Passionate ME – Hesitate to Compliment – No More


Let’s accept the fact that we sometimes hesitate to compliment ourselves.

I for sure do this – Should I tell about my accomplishments during chitchat with friends or even with strangers meeting for the first time? Will they think I am a self-obsessed person?

So let me tell you all here about one of my accomplishments. I know you won’t judge me.

I am Passionate about my dreams. One such dream is Public Speaking. Toastmaster has changed my life. I was in Hindi medium till 10th Standard. After my schooling I was terrified to go to college. Will I be able to succeed in English language?

There was always a part of me who inspired me to go for it. I always always always wanted to speak in front of people. But the fear of public speaking kept me away from my dreams.

I wished to be there on stage with other students during all college activities, cultural events. But I just couldn’t.

Time passed. I got into job. I was enjoying my life. Something was definitely missing. The Passionate ME was neither happy not satisfied.

One day when I couldn’t take it anymore I decided to do something about my fear. Luckily I got introduced to Toastmasters and that’s when Life became awesome. The Passionate ME started enjoying the process of learning and overcoming the fear of public speaking. I knew I wanted a great platform that Toastmaster is. The people, the atmosphere, everything!

People loved whenever I was on stage delivering my speeches. I got inspired to take part in the Humorous speech contest at Toastmaster and that’s when the miracle happened. My passion for public speaking came into fruition. I won the District (Top Level in Toastmaster for Humorous Speech). I cried when results were announced. My parents were to share my success.

The Passionate ME won over the Afraid ME.

Friends let’s not hesitate to share your accomplishments. It’s your story which should be told.



Does Love Make You Fragile?

Love is the only thing where you want to get healed by the same person who hurts you.

How many of you agree that Love makes you Fragile or Strong?

Everyone has a unique way to express love.
Everyone has a different way to accept love.
When the two approaches don’t match you experience pain.

Accept the way someone loves you. Because what’s important is not the way they love you but the truth that they love you.

Zing Zang Zong – Go Mad in Life

There are mainly three phases in our lives. Childhood, Adulthood and then we get old. People say we can do certain things at certain age only.

Why not add one more phase in our life called Joshhood? Josh is a Hindi word which means Zing.

To have that energy, enthusiasm and zest for life!
To go crazy in life, to follow your dreams, to live a life of your own!

This will be your phase where you don’t listen to anyone. You break rules which are meant to be broken. You go after life with no fear.

This phase will not be only in your 20s or 30s. If we make a habit to add zing in life we can enjoy this phase throughout our life.

A Birthday without Cake

I was a kid; really don’t remember the age now but between 5 to 8 years old. It was my birthday 9th September. O My birthday is around the corner. 

The place where we used to lived during that time had a very few luxuries. There were no option of ordering a cake beforehand and also it wasn’t like there were a lot of cake shops. The memory is clear in my mind. Few hours were left and we had a lot to take care of. I myself went with my dad to buy My Birthday Cake. I loved buying my own birthday cake back then as a child.

We went to 3-4 shops where we usually used to get cakes. But that day we didn’t find my birthday cake. No shop had a single cake left not even a small one. I didn’t feel good about it. My friends are going to be there. May be I wanted the cake for my friends, for everyone. My dad was sad too but he knew how to fix the issue as he always does.

We went home. My mom and sisters were ready; my friends had come and were waiting for me. The food was prepared. It was time for cake cutting. I changed my dress and my dad lighted the candles. Everyone looked puzzled. Before anyone could have said anything my dad announced it with a cheerful and positive attitude. “We couldn’t find the cake for my lovely daughter Kriti so today she will cut bread as her birthday cake.” Yes, we bought a whole packet of bread and it became my birthday cake.

The first memory that came to my mind after reading today’s prompt was this incident. Sometimes I laugh about this memory, sometimes I feel happy to have an unforgotten moment of my birthday without a cake.