Quest for Inspiration

When you take full control of your life the only thing you Quest for is Inspiration. An inspiration for each step you take along the way. Let everyday challenge keeps you going. People will come, talk and try to put you down but don’t stop your quest.

Do you remember the movie Cast Away? It’s my bad that I haven’t seen it before and yesterday only I saw it. The movie has a strong message of how the main character Chuck Noland (played by Tom Hanks) survives not for 6 months or 1 year but for 4 years on that remote island. Chuck makes the best of it and keeps going.

He finds inspiration in each thing he could do on the island.

Can we do the same? We are lucky that we don’t have to fight for life we have to quest for our inspiration.


Generous Girl – Toastmaster Contest – 3rd Place

21st September 2013 was the day that changed my life. I attended my first meeting at Mumbai Toastmasters club.

A life changing moment! A place where you are yourself! Everyone is helping you to grow as a person!

I knew withing few minutes that this what I was waiting in my life. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel bad to share that I was in Hindi medium till 10th standard. There is no doubt that Toastmaster changes your life.

Here is the YouTube link of my one of the favorite videos. My speech at our club level contest where I stood 3rd.

Why am I sharing this for today’s prompt. It has the word Generous 🙂

The line is – “Do you know what that Generous girl told me” at 4:02.

Title – It’s Okay

Jump in Swimming Pool

Swimming is also one of the reasons why this year is so special to me.

Going inside the swimming pool for the first time, wearing floats and still fear drowning, listening to what sir is saying but not following it at all, O God, I have done all of these.

The worst feeling of going for swimming at the age of 28 is that children learn better and quicker than you. We had two swimming pools in the society where I used to live with the facility of swimming coach. I had wasted 2 years just thinking about swimming and never doing it. Finally one day I went ahead with it.

It took me 20 days to learn the basic form and do it without any help. And then one day sir asked to go for The Dive. I was frightened. I didn’t want to die inside a swimming pool.

I remember sir standing beside me and saying Jump, jump, jump inside the pool. I was preparing myself to go for it. I was trembling and sir kept repeating Jump, Jump, Jump. O God, Should I listen to sir or my inner voice?

Finally I listened to my inner voice and ran out of the place. Hope to do it one day.

A Confession – Jealous of My Little Sister

They say “Having a Sister is a Blessing.” And I am blessed to have two sisters. One is older than me and one is younger than me.

Today I have a confession to make. Among three of us, the little one is more beautiful, smart and to top it all Stylish. Why am I jealous? Because I am not stylish.

She knows how to apply perfect makeup, what clothes to buy for which occasion, what accessories will go with what dress, everything. In fact she handled our elder sister wedding by being the only Bridal Makeup Artist as we couldn’t get any professional beautician in our hometown.

I remember during college days I always wore her dresses without letting her know and secretly used to leave for the college. On my return we used to fight for hours.
She did try to make me learn all these stuffs but me being me never learned.

So whenever I can I still steal her dresses 

Shhhhhh! Silence Please – In train

One of main Cultural Shocks for me after I moved here in Copenhagen was Silence.

Local trains here in Copenhagen have a zone called Quiet Zone. A Quiet zone in the train, O My God, this means people here prefer so much to relax, even in trains. Immediately my mind started to wonder what if the similar concept is made available in Mumbai, first of all you don’t get to relax in trains in Mumbai. You struggle to get into Mumbai local then you struggle to move inside the train and if you are lucky, really lucky, you get to sit. 3 people are already sitting, you ask them to shift, they give you an expression; go to hell and they shift little bit and then in that small space you put your entire body.

One should make sure to not push or hurt anyone in the mess of local trains. If something like that happens there will be a continuous fight for next 45 minutes until one of fighters gets down. The funny part is that the one who pushed the other shouts the most. WHY DID YOU PUSH ME? CANT YOU SEE? They even take names of stations to fight. YOU PEOPLE FROM BORIVALI ALWAYS DO THIS. YOU SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO BOARD MY TRAIN. My train 😛

Believe me if there is one quiet zone in Mumbai Local, people will still fight with their mouth shut but with expression.

People here don’t even sit on the same seat if somebody is already there.

Local trains in Mumbai are called LifeLine of Mumbaikars.But sometimes people lose their life in locals. So this was definitely my shock number one.

Best Gift – The Present

Living in the present is the best gift we can give to ourselves. There is a reason why Present is called Present.

I recently understood one fact that our body doesn’t know the difference between Reality and Illusion. This means if you take tension about the future and imagine bad things for the future, you get sick. You know that the things have still not happened but your body doesn’t know it. Whatever you feel gets directly into your body and mind.

Use Imagination to feel good about everything.

I am enjoying myself Here and Now in Copenhagen. Life is awesome here. The best thing I am training myself about is to continue living this great life wherever I go. 

Work Life – Pain in Hike

I didn’t know the meaning of Hike until I joined the IT industry.

The year end discussions, writing down your goals and achievements, what you did in last six months and this and that! Now let me tell you I don’t remember what I did in last six months here in office. The process was tedious for me. But we still do it so that we get good ratings which will then result in a good hike. This is the period in your work life when we become closer to your boss.

Once the ratings are declared confidentially to each and everyone the atmosphere in the office becomes so different. Few are happy, few are sad and few take one day sick leave. Some even decide to switch company. That’s what even I did 😛

A very famous joke –

Boss – Don’t share your rating and hike with anyone in the office.
Employee – Don’t worry sir I am equally ashamed of it.