Don’t ever beat up your child

As I start to write this post the clock in India shows 8:30AM. I love to sit in my balcony in the morning and enjoy my cup of tea.

There is a playground outside my society which always gives me stories to write and share here. This morning too, a beautiful scene caught my attention. Yes in the beginning it looked beautiful, but something happened that made me write this post immediately.

I saw a child (9-10 years old) is trying to cycle and her mother was standing in the center of the ground. With her body language I could understand that she is encouraging her son to take big rounds of the ground. The child was trying; sometimes he was trembling, but he was not able to take big rounds. Her mom kept saying loudly and he kept trying. I could feel that as he is still a small child, it’s not possible for him to take big rounds. The ground is pretty big.

After a few rounds the child gets down from the cycle, standing a little far from his mother and I could see he held his arms behind like how children do in school. His mom starts to walk towards him. In that few seconds I thought she will pat her child for doing a great work.

But NO! She slapped him and twisted his ear and started shouting because the child didn’t take big rounds. She again asked him to cycle and pointed at the corners of ground which was her aim to her child to achieve. She just wanted her child to take big rounds. The boy started cycling again. It was evident that he was afraid to go closer to his mom. I saw her hitting the child two-three times.

Why! Why do we have to hit a child to make him do something? Why do we have to become strict parents? Why can’t you as parents behave like a child when talking to your kids?

In the above story, mom was definitely trying her child to have a good health, but is being rude with them is the only way. What if your child become healthy physically, but loses his mental strength.

What I feel that children are already a bit afraid of us as we look physically bigger to them. We can definitely try a softer approach to understand their world and their meaning of life.

Children will be naughty and will do lots of fun because they have not forgotten the real meaning of life but we have definitely as adults.

Always remember that your child is your gift. And have you ever destroyed your gift?

With my understanding of the law of attraction, I have understood that it’s not that you gave birth to a child and he/she becomes your property. You didn’t choose them; they chose you as their parents. They decided to come into physical being and chose you.

Your child is your best teacher of life. You are lucky to become parents. Respect this gift of God. And don’t ever beat up your kids.

Hope we understand this!


Author: passiondesignerblog

below quotes describe me the best way "The goal is to die with memories and not dreams." "Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win."

2 thoughts on “Don’t ever beat up your child”

  1. I cannot even imagine hitting a child…any child. Hitting a child is deplorable, unforgivable and completely useless. It does not teach a child anything but to become obstinate and hate the punisher. Children need to be trained by example and treated with love and patience. Cane is never the answer.

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