Leaving Your Job for Your Passion

When I saw today’s prompt I looked back on my journey. When was the time I was in dilemma?

It was May 2014 when the zing to quit my job formed within me. I started contacting my friends who had done it. Few motivated me, few told not to do it. It became hard to take the decision. I remember I couldn’t sleep few nights. The first thought in the morning used to be about leaving my job. I was in the Dilemma.

I couldn’t leave my job then. My toastmaster mentors helped me to relax. I asked myself to be calm. Slowly and steadily I made myself ready for changes which I wanted to do in my life.

2 years later, July 2016 I left my job. And this time I was ready for it. I knew in my heart that this is what I should do and go after my passion.

Friends whenever you are in any dilemma, calm yourself first. Know what will make you happy. It’s an art which needs practice.

Not worrying about anyone’s feelings and going after what you want to do in life make us come out of any dilemma.


Author: passiondesignerblog

below quotes describe me the best way "The goal is to die with memories and not dreams." "Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win."

10 thoughts on “Leaving Your Job for Your Passion”

  1. That’s a good message and perfectly true. Most people go with what other say and what they think could be right, without weighing the consequences and the possible outcomes. So, relaxing and understanding what we need is much more important when taking such important decisions.

    Great post.
    Keep Writing. 🙂
    And All the best for your future endeavors. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Difficult dilemma and decision. I’m glad you figured it out in the end. Better late than never. I feel like I have a similar struggle. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do, but I have been volunteering at the same places for a few years and want to do something different now.


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