Shhhhhh! Silence Please – In train

One of main Cultural Shocks for me after I moved here in Copenhagen was Silence.

Local trains here in Copenhagen have a zone called Quiet Zone. A Quiet zone in the train, O My God, this means people here prefer so much to relax, even in trains. Immediately my mind started to wonder what if the similar concept is made available in Mumbai, first of all you don’t get to relax in trains in Mumbai. You struggle to get into Mumbai local then you struggle to move inside the train and if you are lucky, really lucky, you get to sit. 3 people are already sitting, you ask them to shift, they give you an expression; go to hell and they shift little bit and then in that small space you put your entire body.

One should make sure to not push or hurt anyone in the mess of local trains. If something like that happens there will be a continuous fight for next 45 minutes until one of fighters gets down. The funny part is that the one who pushed the other shouts the most. WHY DID YOU PUSH ME? CANT YOU SEE? They even take names of stations to fight. YOU PEOPLE FROM BORIVALI ALWAYS DO THIS. YOU SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO BOARD MY TRAIN. My train 😛

Believe me if there is one quiet zone in Mumbai Local, people will still fight with their mouth shut but with expression.

People here don’t even sit on the same seat if somebody is already there.

Local trains in Mumbai are called LifeLine of Mumbaikars.But sometimes people lose their life in locals. So this was definitely my shock number one.


Author: passiondesignerblog

below quotes describe me the best way "The goal is to die with memories and not dreams." "Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win."

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